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I often get questions about what kind of third-party services, plugins, or themes I use on Dev4Press, or working with clients. And I often get asked about various plugins for WordPress to give my opinion on the plugin quality or usability. That is something I don’t do; I can only talk about the products I use – both good and bad. But, on this page, I would like to share some of my recommendations.

This list is a comprehensive list of services, plugins, and themes used with Dev4Press and my other websites, and I can recommend all these products and services to everyone. For each service or product, I also include some small information about how it was used and where. This list might change over time.

Theme: GeneratePress

By far, it is the best WordPress theme currently available; It is very lightweight and fast, and also very customizable. The only theme I have used, for personal or client projects, since 2020. The premium version includes a plugin for adding new features.

Plugin: GenerateBlocks

In the age of the Block Editor for WordPress, both Free and Pro versions of GeneratePress are essential for any website, bringing some advanced blocks for layout purposes, highly customizable, easy to use, and built by the same people as the GeneratePress theme.

Plugin: Gravity Forms

This is the only plugin for forms I have ever used, and I have not found any use case related to forms that Gravity Forms can’t solve. It has many addons, is powerful and easy to set up, and is developer friendly, making the use of the plugin a great experience.

Plugin: WP Rocket

Even with many free plugins for WordPress performance optimization, nothing comes close to the WP Rocket. It is easy to set up, works great with most hosting servers I have tested, and gives real performance improvements almost as soon as it is installed.


After changing CDN’s few times over the years, for the past 2 years, I am amazed by how great CDN is. They are charging only what you use; all charges are clearly visible for various configuration setups, it has a lot of advanced options, and it is fast.

Hosting: SiteGround

I have been using SiteGround Cloud hosting since 2016. I am extremely satisfied with the server performance, almost non existed downtime, ease of use of their latest version of the control panel, greater support, and many options to handle website management.

Important: All links to the products and services listed on this page are affiliate links, and we may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services via these links at no extra cost to you.