I have started working with WordPress in 2007 when WordPress 2.1 was released. Starting from 2009 I work only on WordPress projects, and I am dedicated to developing plugins, themes framework, and themes for WordPress.

To see examples of my work and some of the projects I have worked on, you can visit following pages:

  1. Dev4Press.com Plugins: plugins.dev4press.com
  2. WordPress.org Profile: profiles.wordpress.org/GDragoN

Since December of 2012 I am working on plugins available on CodeCanyon:

  1. SMARTPlugins home: smartplugin.info
  2. Portfolio on CodeCanyon: d4p.me/ccp
If you want to contact me about plugin or theme development, custom work, customization or some other type of work, please use Services Contact page.

I can offer different types of services: from maintenance and review to development of complex plugins or whole websites on WordPress. I do not accept PayPal as a payment method, I prefer wire (bank) transfer as the highly secure and very reliable payment method or direct payments to Payoneer MasterCard (via payment request).

Custom Development

If you need plugin or theme developed, or you need a whole website done, some plugin or theme fixed and improved, I can help you with any of that. Over the past 8 years I have developed 50 custom plugins for various clients, and almost 80 plugins for my own company that is available as free or premium, depending on the plugin. My availability depends on how much is your project interesting, my current workload while end price for the work is always something we can negotiate. My standard fee for such development is $60.00 per hour. Minimal time allocation for any work is 2 hours. For any work of up to 16 hours, it has to be paid fully in advance. More than 16 hours can be paid 50% in advance and the rest after the job is done.

If you need me to work on existing projects (fixing your plugins, adding features to plugins…), the fee for such development is $100.00 per hour.

Consultation and Training

If you need me in the consultation capacity or you need some personalised training, I am almost always available for such work. Consultation can be connected to my WordPress related products or most anything else WordPress related. And same goes for personalised training. Consultation fee depends on what you need, and how much time you need me on the project. I need more information about what you need to give you the price.

Personalized training includes direct contact over Skype with use of some VNC, RemoteDesktop based or similar software for screen sharing to allow for easier communication, preview, and testing of code. Price for this kind of training is $100.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours. For training of up to 16 hours, you must pay the full sum in advance ($1600.00). For more than 16 hours, you can pay 60% in advance, and the rest after you use up 50% of purchased hours. If you need me to conduct training for more than 2 persons at the same time, the fee  goes up 20% for each additional person. If you have a valid and active license for Dev4Press Plugins pack, the price for consultation will be 10% lower. If you need more than 32 hours of consultation, the price will be lower by another 10%.


Maintenance is the simplest service and includes installation and configuration of WordPress, plugins or themes. I can’t guarantee that I can set up everything in every server environment, and if the server proves to be an issue, I can help with advises on how to set it up and what could be the problem. If you need less than 5 plugins installed and set up, the price will be between $150.00 and $250.00 (depending on plugins), and for more complex installations, the price can go over $300.00.


I have a lot of experience in optimization of plugins and over the past 2 years I have written about that many times, and I helped developers to create better plugins. If you want me to review your plugin for private purposes (you need to know what I think about coding, performance of the plugin and you need advises on what to improve), the price is $300.00 per plugin. If you need a review for the readers that will get published on the Dev4Press.com, the price is $500.00 per plugin and in this case, the focus will be on usability, features and performance concern important to end users. I will always try to write an objective review.

If you want to contact me about plugin or theme development, custom work, customization or some other type of work, please use Services Contact page.