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We offer various services: from maintenance and review to development of plugins or whole websites on WordPress.

If you want to contact me about plugin or theme development, custom work, customization, or some other type of work, please use the contact form.


You can hire me for WordPress related customizations, development or optimization via Codeable platform.

Since August 2020, I am doing freelance work on Codeable platform. My profile, with overview of my work on the platform and reviews is available here:

Codeable is a WordPress dedicated freelance platform with hundreds of only vetted WordPress experts, thousands of completed projects, fair pricing, oriented towards solving the problem, without forced competition between developers. You can learn more about it:

Customization and Development

If you need a plugin or theme developer or a whole website done, or if some plugin or theme has been fixed and improved, I can help you with all that.

Since 2009, I have developed 160+ custom plugins for various clients and almost 80 plugins for my own company that are available as free or premium, depending on the plugin. I have worked on small and very large projects. I specialize in WordPress database, security and performance optimization, bbPress-powered forums customization and development, and development and integration of custom plugins and themes.

My availability for plugins or theme development depends on how interesting your project is and my current workload. The end price for the work is always something we can negotiate. My standard fee for such development is $110.00 per hour. The minimal time allocation for any work is 2 hours. Any work of up to 12 hours has to be paid fully in advance. Over 12 hours can be paid 50% in advance and the rest after completing the job.

If the customization is related to any of the Dev4Press plugins for which you have an active license, we offer a 20% discount for the work.

Plugins Setup

If you need a professional setup for any of the Dev4Press Premium plugins, we can help you with that.

Setup for a single plugin can take a half-hour to two hours, and a single plugin setup on a single website costs $100.00. If the setup takes longer than 2 hours (depending on your requirements), the fee goes up to $150.00. This setup covers installing the plugin on your website, setting it up, changing plugin settings depending on your needs, and testing to make it work properly. The setup doesn’t cover custom coding or fixing the issues with third-party plugins or themes.

Consultation and Training

If your consultation is about WordPress or any related subject or personalized training and education, we can help you with that.

The consultation can be related to my WordPress-related products or almost anything else WordPress-related. The fee depends on what you need and how much time you need me on the project. I need more information about what you need to give you the price.

Personalized training includes direct contact using Skype, Meet, Zoom, or some VNC, RemoteDesktop-based, or similar software for screen sharing to allow for more accessible communication, preview, and code testing. This training costs $100.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours. For training of up to 12 hours, you must pay the full sum in advance ($1200.00). For more than 12 hours, you can pay 60% in advance and the rest after you use up 50% of purchased hours. If you need me to conduct training for more than 2 persons simultaneously, the fee goes up 20% for each additional person. The final price for the training will be lower, depending on the total amount of time.

For training related to Dev4Press products, we offer a 20% discount to Dev4Press customers (with a valid license to the product related to the training).


Website optimization includes performance analysis and recommendations on what should be done to make website faster

Optimization analysis includes performance and security audits with recommendations for changes you need to make to your website, including recommendations for plugins and services you should add and configure for best performance. Initial review costs $500.00. If you need more help with implementing changes, Maintenance fees apply.


Maintenance is the simplest service, including installing and configuring WordPress, plugins or themes.

I can’t guarantee that I can set up everything in every server environment, but if the server proves to be an issue, I can help with advice on how to set it up and what the problem could be. If you need less than five plugins installed and set up, the price will be between $200.00 and $300.00 (depending on plugins), and for more complex installations, the price can go over $500.00.


Professional and unbiased reviews of your themes and plugins for private use or to be published on the Dev4Press Blog.

The review of your plugin is for private purposes (you need to know what I think about coding and the plugin’s performance, and you need advice on what to improve); the price is $400.00 per plugin (or theme). If you need a review for the readers that will get published on the Blog, the price is $800.00 per plugin (or theme), and in this case, the focus will be on usability, features, and performance concerns important to end-users.


To see examples of our work and some of the projects we have worked on, you can check out some of the plugins.

Invoices and Payments

Payments are subject to the agreement, and we can be flexible to ensure that payments follow the development work.

These are the available payment methods:

  • Payoneer: for online payments, direct payments via payment request, for payments up to $5000.00.
  • PayPal: for online payments, direct payments via payment request, and only for payments of up to $2000.00.
  • Wire transfer: a highly secure and very reliable payment method. This method is an option for any invoice over $1000.00.