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Terms & Conditions

The Agreement

This is a legal agreement between the person or organization (“Customer,” “Buyer,” or “you”) agreeing to these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) and the applicable Dev4Press Web Development LLC licensing entities (“Dev4Press,” “Dev4Press Web Development,” “Seller,” “us,” or “we”).

By accepting these Terms, making a purchase, or using any Services provided by us, you represent that you are of legal age and have the authority to bind the Customer to the Order, these Terms, and any applicable Service Descriptions (collectively the “Agreement”).

Our website grants you a non-exclusive, limited license to use Dev4Press plugins, addons, and other products sold through our website and networked websites ( by Dev4Press Web Development LLC (the “products”) in accordance with these Terms and Conditions (the “license”) issued by our company.


Terms and conditions are accompanied by several policies you should also read.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you also agree with the policies listed here:

1. Plugins and Addons Licensing

All Dev4Press plugins and addons are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL –

The license you purchase from us includes not only the plugins (or addons) but also updates and access to the knowledge base, support, and additional services related to some plugins (access to API endpoints reserved to valid licenses). Information about the current and previous licensing systems can be found on the age for Plugins, Addons, and Clubs Licensing.

1a. Product Lifetime

We reserve the right to stop development and retire plugins, addons, and other products based on different factors, including but not limited to low sales, outdated design, and obsolete features. The product’s retirement will be announced six months before the retirement date. Once the product is retired, the support for that product will be discontinued. Retired products will remain available for download one year after they are retired on request but will not receive any updates.

1b. Lifetime license definition

Any license sold as a “Lifetime License” is limited to the product’s lifetime. If the product is retired, so is the license.

1c. License transfer

Reselling or transferring the license or access to this website is not permitted. The license is not transferable.

1d. License expiration

If the license you purchased has expired, you can continue to use the last downloaded plugin version. Still, you cannot download updates, access the support, or access additional services or API endpoints related to the plugin.

1e. License validity

A valid license allows you to use the plugin even if the license is expired (as noted in 1d). If the license has been refunded, charged back, terminated for other reasons, or upgraded to a different license, that license is considered invalid, and you can’t use any of the Dev4Press products with the Invalid license.

If your initial license payment is refunded or charged back, the license is terminated, and you are not allowed to use the licensed plugin.

If you refund or charge back a subscription payment, your license is considered expired, and you can continue to use the last plugin version downloaded during the paid licensing period.

1f. License code

Unique code is generated for every license. Plugins can include the option for the user to provide the license code to enable the plugin’s use or to enable plugin access to Dev4Press API endpoints and services.

1g. License code activation

Each License code can be activated on Live and Development websites. Only Live website activations are counted toward the license usage limit; you can have unlimited activations on Development websites. Development (or staging) websites must have a localhost-based URL, URL with fake TLD (.wp, .test, .local, .invalid, .localhost, .example), or subdomain for staging purposes that have ‘staging,’ ‘stage’ or ‘stg’ in the name of the subdomain. Top-level domain installations are considered Live in all cases. If you have some specific setup incorrectly recognized as Live when it should be Development, contact Dev4Press Support.

1h. License code management

Dev4Press Account Dashboard includes license code activation management. From the License panel, you can disable license code for use on previously registered domains. Once the domain has been disabled, it can’t be reactivated for 30 days. Once the domain is active, it can’t be disabled for 30 days.

1i. Subscription Cancelation for German customers

Due to the changes to Germany’s Fair Consumer Contracts Act, all German customers must be provided an easy way to cancel their subscriptions, which can be done via this URL on the MyCommerce platform:

2. Purchase and delivery

All purchases are processed by our payment processor MyCommerce ShareIt (Digital River GmbH) – ShareIt for short.

MyCommerce ShareIt (Digital River GmbH) is the official seller of our licenses, and all the invoices are issued by Digital River GMbH, where Dev4Press Web Development LLC is listed as the publisher. This partnership allows us to work with most countries without issues and have Digital River GmbH handle the payments and taxation specific to various countries.

After the successful processing of your payment, you will receive an email from ShareIt and an email from the Dev4Press website with confirmation and instructions on how to access the product you purchased.

2a. Product Delivery

This may take up to 8 hours to arrive (depending on the payment method and the verification done by the payment processor) but usually happens within minutes of placing the order. If you do not receive an email after this time period, please get in touch with us. To ensure that emails can be delivered, make sure that your email server can receive emails from our mail server (, and if needed, add to the whitelist for email delivery (contact your email service provider about this if you are not sure how to check or set it up).

You can access the purchased product download page, and user account dashboard right after the confirmation email is dispatched from Dev4Press.

3. Ownership

You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership rights to any of our products. All products are the property of Dev4Press Web Development LLC.

They are provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. We shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages or losses that occur out of the use or inability to use our products.

All iconography, images, styling, and branding are licensed under a proprietary license for unlimited personal use and cannot be redistributed without the express written consent of Dev4Press Web Development LLC.

4. Site Content

All site content, including images, videos, and documentation, published on and all subdomains, is the property of Dev4Press Web Development LLC.

Replicating site content must be authorized in advance. Any content from this site shall not be used or exploited for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Dev4Press Web Development LLC.

License holders are not permitted to re-post support forum topics or replies, priority support tickets, or knowledge base content on any external websites, social media outlets, or using any other distribution method. Posting screen captures or taking video captures of this content is also prohibited. Violation will be grounds for immediate termination of the license, and access to support, documentation, and product updates will be discontinued, without refund.

5. System Requirements

Make sure your system can handle the minimum system requirements.

Considering a large number of PHP, MySQL, WordPress (or ClassicPress), bbPress versions, and combinations, make sure to always check the requirements for each product and read more about testing practices and everything else related to Development Policy. If you are not sure about the system requirements, please contact us first so we can avoid system-related problems with using our plugins.

6. Auto Updates

Automatic updates are available to customers who have purchased a license for individual plugins, addons plugins club license.

To auto-update the plugin or theme, you will need to install the Dev4Press Updater plugin and use your account API key. Updates are provided for as long as you have a valid and active license for the products you want to update, based on the API Key.

To get additional information about the Dev4Press Updater, how to configure and use the Updater plugin, visit the Dev4Press Updater website:

7. Plugins and addons usage tracking

It is very important to have usage statistics for all our products, and the usage tracking information is used for various purposes.

Tracking information is used for basic anonymous statistics for using WordPress, bbPress, PHP, and MySQL versions. Tracking information is used to prevent fraudulent use of our product licenses. Tracking information is kept in the database for up to 2 years, and then it is deleted.

7a. Updater plugin tracking

All update checks and downloads for plugins and addons are tracked and linked to individual API keys. Tracking information gathered includes website URL, hostname, IP address, PHP version, MySQL version, and WordPress version.

7b. Individual plugins tracking

Each plugin sends basic tracking information when it is first installed and after every update. Tracking information gathered includes website URL, hostname, IP address, PHP version, MySQL version, WordPress version, and, if available, API key from the Updater plugin.

7c. Dev4Press Updater abuse

Any attempt made to change the Dev4Press Updater to modify or falsify data sent by the Dev4Press Updater, modifying data sent by other means is not permitted. We reserve the right to disable any download and update rights if such an attempt is discovered. If the update system is abused, we reserve the right to terminate your license. You can get more information about the Updater Policy.

8. Support

We offer all of our WordPress plugins, addons, and other products ‘as is’ and with no implied meaning that they will function exactly as you would like or will be compatible with all 3rd party plugins.

We do not offer support via email, support via social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…), or otherwise, support WordPress or other WordPress plugins we have not developed or helped develop.

Support is provided to all users with valid and active product licenses. Support is available only to the license owners and is not transferable to a third party. Access to the support system is not available to your clients. Each user has a unique API key. Do not give your API key to anyone, because you will be exposing your own account and account information on Dev4Press to other people! If you suspect that someone has stolen your API key, you can request a new key for your account. Reselling or transferring the API key is not permitted.

The purchase of any license type gives you access to support forums and a knowledge base. The purchase of a developer (or agency) license gives you access to the Priority Support Forum. Support forum, knowledgebase access, and product download and updates are provided while the license is active (1 year for all products using renewal or subscription license, a lifetime for a lifetime license). After 1 year, you need to manually renew your license in order to continue receiving support, accessing documentation, and product downloads and updates.

9. Products Testing

Before you make any purchase, you can request to test all the Dev4Press products on our test website (full admin and front-end test).

The test is provided to evaluate how the product works and what features are included in the purchase. We encourage you to request the demo and test the plugin before the purchase and avoid misunderstandings about the plugin features or functionality that may later lead to disputes.

10. Products Pricing

All prices are in US Dollars and don’t include additional taxes. The prices of all products are subject to change.

We reserve the right to change the prices for all the products without prior notice.

10a. Taxes

Depending on your country of residence, the final checkout price for the purchase price will be updated to include the VAT, sales tax, or other forms of purchase taxes that various countries impose on online purchases.

10b. Promotional codes

The Customer may use a promotional code to be entered when the order is placed. Only one promotional code is allowed per order, and promotional codes can be used for initial purchases; renewals are already discounted, and promotional coupons can’t be used for renewals or subscriptions. Promotional coupons can’t be used for purchases that are already discounted.

We reserve the right to invalidate and remove promo codes without prior notice.

10c. Renewals

The license renewal discount (always listed as a percentage-based discount) is not connected to the initial price you paid when you purchased any of the licenses; the discount is calculated based on the product price at the moment of the renewal. A license renewal discount is 15% (30% for licenses purchased before October 24, 2018). This offer is valid until the license expires and adds two more weeks after the license expiration.

If you don’t renew the license after it has expired, you can continue to use the last downloaded plugin version, but you can’t get access to updates or support.

11. Refunds Policy

We offer a no-risk money-back guaranteed refund policy up to 30 days after the purchase.

All refunds are subject to our Refund Policy. By purchasing Dev4Press, you are agreeing with our refund policy. We reserve the right to change the refund policy with no prior notice.

Please note that you agree to these terms and conditions by purchasing any of our products, including the Refund Policy.

12. Dev4Press User Account

An account on Dev4Press is required to access purchased products, support forums, and knowledge base.

To register for an account, the user needs to choose a unique username and provide an email. We do not require any additional personal information, but you can select your country and add your company name and website URL, Twitter and Skype account names from your dashboard.

12a. Purchase without account

If you don’t have an account, you can still make the purchase, but after the purchase, based on the email used for the purchase, an account will be automatically created.

12b. Valid Email

It is essential always to have the correct email address associated with the account. You can’t retrieve a lost password if needed without a valid email.

You are responsible for ensuring that your email address is kept up to date within your Dev4Press website account.

12c. Email Delivery

All emails sent from Dev4Press are coming from the email server. You need to make sure that the email service you use can receive emails from Dev4Press, and to ensure that, if needed, the mail server is whitelisted with email service and that is whitelisted from going into junk or spam.

12d. Transactional Emails

We will occasionally send you email notifications related to your Dev4Press product licenses. These transactional emails will include information about license expiration, product updates, special offers, and calls to provide feedback or information about product documentation. If you don’t want to receive these emails, the Dev4Press account dashboard includes settings to disable some notification groups.

12e. Privacy Policy

All the information Dev4Press has about you, information processing, and storing is subject to our Privacy Policy.

13. API Services

Dev4Press provides various API endpoints, providing data for use with some Dev4Press plugins.

Access to these API services requires a valid and active license code. Plugins that need to use API endpoints and services require the use of a valid and active license code.

14. Disclaimer of warranty

Our plugins and addons are guaranteed to work on a clean installation of WordPress with respect of the system requirements for each product.

We do not guarantee that our products will function with any and all third-party plugins, themes, or with all web browsers (and browser extensions). We are not responsible for any plugin, theme, or browser compatibility conflicts that may occur. It is our policy to support our products as best we can and we will provide support for third-party plugins and themes conflicts at our discretion or as time allows. We can provide support related to conflicts with third-party plugins or themes only if the conflicts have been caused by our plugins, and only if the third-party plugin or theme is up to date and supported by their authors.

13a. Product Improvements

You will recognize that we are always innovating and finding ways to improve all our products with new features and services. Therefore, you agree that the products may change from time to time and no warranty, representation, or other commitment is given in relation to the continuity of any functionality of our products. We will use reasonable effort to inform you of any upcoming changes and to introduce features that substantially alter the functioning of the products.

15. Limitation of liability

You agree that under no circumstances shall we be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive, exemplary, or any other damages arising out of your use of our Site or services.

Additionally, we are not liable for damages in connection with (1) any failure of performance, error, omission, denial of service, attack, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, line or system failure; (2) loss of revenue, anticipated profits, business, savings, goodwill or data; and (3) third-party theft of, destruction of, unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of your information or property, regardless of our negligence, gross negligence, failure of an essential purpose and whether such liability arises in negligence, contract, tort, or any other theory of legal liability.

The foregoing applies even if we have been advised of the possibility of or could have foreseen the damages. In those states that do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for the damages, our liability is limited to the fullest possible extent permitted by law. In no event shall our cumulative liability to you exceed the total purchase price of the products or services you have purchased from our Site.

16. General

The preceding terms and conditions govern the sale of Dev4Press plugins, addons, and other products between you, the buyer, and Dev4Press Web Development LLC.

By placing an order with us or creating the account, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree with our terms and conditions.

Please notify us before placing an order if you disagree with any of our terms and conditions or would like to request some exemption.

We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time for any reason.


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