Terms and Conditions

Violation of the terms and conditions will be grounds for immediate termination of the license that includes access to support, documentation and product updates without refund. Make sure you fully understand these terms and conditions before making the purchase. Contact us if you need any additional questions.

1. Plugins, addons, and themes licensing

1a. Product lifetime

We reserve the right to stop development and retire plugins, addons, and themes based on different factors, including and not limited to low sales, outdated design… Retiring of the product will be announced at least 3 months ahead of actual retirement date. Once the product is retired, the support for that product will be discontinued.

1b. Lifetime License Definition

Any license sold as “Lifetime License” is limited to the lifetime of the product. If the product is retired, so is the license. Retired products will remain available for download 1 year after they are retired, but will not receive any updates.

2. Products delivery

After successful processing of your payment, you will receive an email from our payment processor ShareIt, and you will receive an email from Dev4Press website with confirmation and instruction on how to access product you purchased.

This may take up to 2 hours to arrive but usually, happens within minutes of placing the order. If you do not receive an email after this time period, please contact us.

You can access purchased product download page and user account dashboard right after the confirmation email is dispatched from Dev4Press.

3. Ownership

You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership rights to any of our products. All products are the property of Golden Dragon WebStudio.

They are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. We shall not be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or losses that occur out of the use or inability to use our products.

All iconography, images, styling, and branding is licensed under a proprietary license for unlimited personal use and cannot be redistributed without the express written consent of Golden Dragon WebStudio.

4. Tracking

All update checks and downloads for plugins, addons, and themes are tracked and linked to individual API keys. Tracking information gathered includes website URL, hostname, IP address, PHP version, MySQL version, WordPress version.

This information is used to determine if the user is in violation of the product license, and for statistical purposes. Tracking information is kept in the database for up to 2 years, and then it is deleted.

5. Site Content

All site content, including images, videos, and documentation, published on dev4press.com and all subdomains, is the property of Golden Dragon WebStudio.

Replicating site content must be authorized in advance. Any content from this site shall not be used or exploited for commercial or non-commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Golden Dragon WebStudio.

License holders are not permitted to re-post support forum, priority support tickets or documentation content on any external websites, social media outlets or using any other distribution method. Posting screen captures or taking video captures of this content is also prohibited. Violation will be grounds for immediate termination of the license, and access to support, documentation, and product updates will be discontinued.

6. Support

Golden Dragon WebStudio offers all its WordPress plugins, addons, and themes 'as is' and with no implied meaning that they will function exactly as you would like or will be compatible with all 3rd party plugins.

We do not offer support via email or otherwise support WordPress or other WordPress plugins we have not developed or helped develop.

Support is provided to all users with valid and active product licenses. Support is available only to the license owners and it is not transferable to a third party. Reselling or transferring the license or access to this website is not permitted. Access to support system is not available to your clients. Each user has a unique API key. Do not give your API key to anyone, because you will be exposing your own account and account information on Dev4Press to other people! If you suspect that someone has stolen your API key, you can request a new key for your account. Reselling or transferring API key is not permitted.

Purchase of any license type gives you access to support forums and documentation. Purchase of developer license gives you access to Priority Support Ticket System. Support, documentation access and product download and update are provided while the license is active (1 year for all products). After 1 year, you need to renew your license in order to continue receiving support, accessing documentation and product downloads and updates.

Here you can read more about Dev4Press Support Policy: www.dev4press.com/support/policy.

7. Auto updates

Automatic updates are available to customers who have purchased a license for individual plugin or theme or plugins pack and themes club.

To auto update plugin or theme, you will need to install Dev4Press Updater plugin and use your API key. Updates are provided for as long as you have a valid and active license for the products you want to update, based on the API Key. The license allows for auto-update access for unlimited websites for you and your clients. If you purchased a Personal license, an update will be limited to one website only.

Updater sends tracking information back to Dev4Press website to authenticate the request and identify you. Any attempt made to change the Dev4Press Updater to modify or falsify data sent by the Dev4Press Updater, modifying data sent by other means is not permitted. We reserve the right to disable any download and update rights if such attempt is discovered. If the update system is abused, we reserve the right to disable your license. You can get more information about the Updater Policy.

Here you can find additional info on using the auto updater plugin: updater.dev4press.com.

8. Price Changes

Prices of all products are subject to change. Golden Dragon WebStudio reserves the right to change the prices for all the products without any prior notice.

License renewal discount (always listed as a percentage based discount) is not connected to the initial price you have paid when you purchased any of the licenses, the discount is calculated based on the price at the moment of the renewal.

9. Refund Policy

We are offering non-tangible digital goods, and we do not issue refunds after the purchase has been made.

We will consider a refund within 14 days from your purchase, only and only if you can’t get the purchased product to activate after you have tried all the available support methods and your system meets minimum system requirements stated for each product. Refunds will be granted at the sole discretion of Golden Dragon WebStudio. If you are not sure about our products, you can always request a demo to test them.

10. System Requirements

Make sure your system can handle the minimum system requirements. We do not give refunds for purchases if you attempt to use our products on the server/system that doesn't meet requirements.

Considering a large number of PHP, WordPress and MySQL versions and combinations, make sure to always check the requirements for each product and read more about testing practices and everything else related on Development Policy page: www.dev4press.com/development-policy.

11. Products Testing

Before you make a purchase, you can request to test the products on our test website (full admin and front-end test).

Because of the no refund policy, make sure you understand how the product works and what features are included in purchase: lack of the features you might need is not a reason for the refund.

12. Warranty

Our plugins and themes are guaranteed to work on a clean installation of WordPress.

We do not provide support for using our plugins on modified versions of WordPress! We do not guarantee that they will function with every 3rd party plugins or in all web browsers. We are not responsible for any 3rd party plugins compatibility conflicts that may occur.

Our policy is to support our plugins and themes the best we can, and we will offer support for 3rd party plugin conflicts at our discretion and when time allows.

We are not responsible for any data loss that may occur as a result of installing our plugin or themes.

13. Account Registrations

When you register for the new account on Dev4Press, you will be automatically subscribed to the weekly digest email (sent each Friday night) and to Dev4Press newsletter (send once or twice each month).

If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can edit your profile and disable them. If you make a purchase for any of Dev4Press products, you will get email notifications when the new product version is released. This email notification can be disabled from the profile edit page also.

14. Email Notifications

Dev4Press website requires you to have valid and current email address on record.

From time to time we can send you transactional emails containing notifications about the license, product updates, changes to terms and conditions and other emails related to your license on Dev4Press. From time to time, we will ask all customers to provide feedback about products they have purchased or to participate in the surveys. Participating in both feedbacks and surveys are voluntary.

15. Terms & Conditions changes

We reserve the right to change Terms and Conditions with no prior notice.


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