Very Impressive!

Using a Multisite install with Buddypress and bbpress (Not Activated Networkwide but this plugin has to be). Works great and some really thought out Settings options! Nice Job – Thanks !!!

CateAppsTechTestimonial Source
Tony V

Full marks! I have been struggling with out-going emails exceeding my ISP-imposed limit and looked for a plugin to queue them. I was delighted to find this, as I have had very good experience of Dev4Press plugins. The quality of these plugins is excellent and Milan’s support exemplary. Some teething problems were resolved within 24 hours. It does exactly what I need and is working beautifully. Not only does it queue the emails but it has the tools to administer it and manage queues etc all in the Dev4Press style. Thank you.

Shinsaku IKEDA

Millan, the owner of Dev4Press, is so fast and gives you relief of using it. Nothing is perfect, but Millan always develops plugins and give you higher satisfaction. I can promise you that this plugin and the support are really awesome!

Shinsaku IKEDATestimonial Source
Gustavo Cieslar
Working perfect

Very easy to setup. Thanks!

Best rating plugin

I tried a lot of plugins but this is perfect, I hope to try the pro version soon.

Bente van der Made

We are using the GD Rating plugin to collect User Reviews on our website. The average rating is used in JSON Schema data and has resulted in most products showing in Google with their stars and rating. Needed help with the plugin a few times and the developer responds very fast and gives good advice.

Bente van der MadeTestimonial Source
Best so far

I have tested extensively a lot of ratings plugins and every one of them has some important problem. And then this plugin came along. It has everything you need to start. For advanced usage there is always Pro version.

Best plugin for rating!

Really good customising, no adds (other plugins do have that) and simple to use. And very fast support. Love it!

Gareth Jones

The Quantum theme really helped with my users accessing the forum from mobile devices. I tried a lot of free solutions but none of them worked well enough.

Jay Holtslander
Thank god this exists

It’s crazy that an Advanced Search wasn’t included in bbpress.

Jay HoltslanderTestimonial Source
Best Mail Queue plugin for WordPress

I also only can confirm the ratings of my predecessors. GD Mail Queue is a wonderful plugin, which perfectly manages your email-queues and gives you full control over your mail tasks. Milan, thank you very much, for this cool plugin.

Nigel Osborne

So glad this plugin was developed. I use it as a bug tracking tool, and it does that job far better than any bug tracking software I have used before. Simple and straightforward.

Josh Miller
Excellent Product – Community Enrichment (we love it)

We use the GD bbpress toolbox pro – it makes our WordPress / Buddypress site with the bbpress forums much richer in experience, and adds some practical tools missing in the original, and adds some nice features!

Sandra Eder

We use this plugin for a while now and are absolutely satisfied. No worries, no issues, just works as expected. Wish we could use all the features available, but that’s definitely impossible for one single site. Absolute recommendation. Great!

Dale Reardon
Another brilliant plugin from this developer for BBPress

I use many plugins from this developer – both free and premium ones – and he is a great developer who supports his products and keeps them updated both with new features and fixing any bugs or security issues very quickly. The plugin does exactly what it advertises and does it well so what more can you ask for. Lots of BBPress plugins / addons are not well maintained but this dev supports and updates his work.

very nice plugin, w/ great author support

We’ve been using this plugin for several months now, and it has worked really well. It is simple to use out of the box, but has loads of options for customizing. The plugin author, too, is very responsive in the support threads if you have any questions.

Love it

I have been using this plugin for years and years. Brilliant!

WillOfTheWebTestimonial Source
Frank P. Walentynowicz

Outstanding products backed by unmatched support. Worth every euro penny paid for it.

Great Pugin

Following the successful use of the free version, I decided to pro version. Fantastic invested money. ALL IN ONE. Excellent support by Author- Thanks Milan

Dana Whittle
Great, comprehensive plugin

After replacing and old VBulletin forum with BBPress, we purchased the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin and have been impressed by the granular configuration options and excellent support from its developer, who always responds quickly and has even made small changes to the plugin itself just to meet our needs. Highly recommended.

Jonathan Sulo

Svenska Saabklubben, the largest Saab car club in the world, has a bbPress forum with more than 200 000 posts and 6 500 users. We are very pleased with GD bbPress Toolbox Pro in regards of functionality, stability and support. GD bbPress Toolbox is the true “must have” plugin for bbPress forums.