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Latest from the Blog

  • About unforeseen delays in development
    As you have noticed, the previously announced development and release plans have all been broken, and several important releases are still not released. The whole program has been delayed by about 3 or more months.
  • GD Clever Widgets Pro goes Free and is no longer in development
    With the release of the new plugin BreadcrumbsPress, the old plugin GD Crumbs Navigator Pro is now entering retirement status. Continue to read, to find out what that means for existing users of this plugin.
  • SweepPress Pro 3.0
    Major update for the SweepPress Pro plugin is here, bringing one new sweeper, new Database panel with information and control over database tables, various improvements and changes under the hood and more.
  • GD Topic Prefix Pro 3.4
    A brand new update for the GD Topic Prefix Pro is here, and it brings various code improvements, has been tested with new WordPress 6.1, and brings updates related to the process of saving and deleting prefixes.


Best so far

I have tested extensively a lot of ratings plugins and every one of them has some important problem. And then this plugin came along. It has everything you need to start. For advanced usage there is always Pro version.

Best plugin for rating!

Really good customising, no adds (other plugins do have that) and simple to use. And very fast support. Love it!

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