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Latest Posts from the Dev4Press Blog

  • coreSecurity Pro 2.1
    coreSecurity Pro version 2.1 brings one big new feature for enhancing user management and adding a powerful control to disable (and later enable) user accounts with a wide range of settings. There are many more important updates, improvements, and tweaks.
  • Important update: bbPress 2.6.11
    After a long wait, new minor update for bbPress 2.6 is now available, and it is highly recommended to update your website to this latest version of bbPress as soon as possible.
  • GD Power Search Pro 2.7 & Lite 2.1 for bbPress
    Both Lite and Pro version of GD Power Search for bbPress have been updated to fix several issues, discovered after testing with bbPress 2.6.11, including a fix for a bug that is present in bbPress plugin itself.
  • SweepPress Pro 5.3 / Lite 3.2
    Very soon after major v5.0 was released, SweepPress Pro version 5.1 and Lite version 3.1 were released. Both bring many improvements, fixes and important enhancements to the Options and Metadata panels.


Dale Reardon
Another brilliant plugin from this developer for BBPress

I use many plugins from this developer – both free and premium ones – and he is a great developer who supports his products and keeps them updated both with new features and fixing any bugs or security issues very quickly. The plugin does exactly what it advertises and does it well so what more can you ask for. Lots of BBPress plugins / addons are not well maintained but this dev supports and updates his work. Dale.

Deserves 5 stars, it works really well

Unique plugin that addresses certain caveats and problems. Queuing is fantastic, I just bought the pro plugin. Something you can’t do with wpsmtp plugin.

memzofishpondTestimonial Source
Every site that sends emails should use this

I looked high and low for a plugin like this and couldn’t find anything that throttles emails according to what my server could do. GD Mail Queue was the only plugin that helped me successfully send the volume of emails that my business requires. Frankly, I’m surprised that this plugin isn’t installed on 100k+ WordPress sites. Not only does it do a great job, I’m truly impress at the rich set of features it has. Thanks Milan!

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