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Press Releases

In October 2019, Dev4Press started publishing regular press releases about important events, major plugins releases, and more.

All the press releases include a downloadable PDF version of the press release.

If you need more information related to press releases, please contact us.

Website URLs

When you use Dev4Press URLs, always include them as secure, with HTTPS, not HTTP.

Here are the most important URLs for Dev4Press.

  • Dev4Press Home:
  • Dev4Press Blog:
  • Dev4Press Support:
  • Dev4Press Plugins:
  • Dev4Press Addons:
  • SweepPress Plugin:

And URL’s to the plugins and addons clubs:

  • Plugins Club:
  • bbPress Plugins Club:
  • Rating Plugin Club:

Logo and Sign

Get the high-resolution Dev4Press Logo and Dev4Press Sign in PDF and PNG formats with full alpha transparency.

The logo and sign are available in different color versions for light or dark backgrounds.

If you need some other variation of the logo or sign, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

About Dev4Press

Get the information about the Dev4Press including brief history of the project.

This PDF file contains information about the Dev4Press project and the Dev4Press owner Milan Petrovic.

You can also check out the official About page. And, if you want to see detailed history timeline, check out the timeline page.

Dev4Press Products

Get the information about all the Dev4Press plugins and addons, including the featured images for each product.

Products information PDF contains basic information about each plugin, list of addons (if the plugin has addons), plugin icon and relevant links.

Featured images archive contains promotional high-resolution images for each plugin.

More information about individual plugins can be found on each plugin home page listed in the provided PDF.

Contests And Promotions

From time to time, Dev4Press has plugins licenses giveaway contests or discount promotions active.

To check out the active, upcoming and expired promotions, visit this page:

To check out the active, upcoming or expired contents, visit this page:

If you need an artwork to include with the story related to our promotions and contests, feel free to download banner images included with promotions and contests. If you want artwork specially made to your specifications, contact us.

If you want to organize a giveaway and offer our plugins to your website visitors, if you want to offer a discount coupon for our products, contact us for more information.

Important Information

Get all the current information about Dev4Press terms and conditions, privacy policy, development, system requirements and support policy.

Terms and policies are updated from time to time. The terms and Conditions page contains a brief changelog.


If you need some additional information, if you want to arange for an interview, or something else press related, contact us.

Best way to contact us is to use the main contact form:

Or, you can write to us directly using this email:


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