Each plugin (Pro and Free) is set as a project under GlotPress, and anyone with Dev4Press account can contribute to translations.

This system requires translation validators to approve translations and to make sure that badly translated strings are not included in the translated set. If you want to help with a translation of plugins, and your language is not currently on the list, you can submit a request for adding a new language using this form. You can use the same form if you want to get a position of the validator. Translation website is here.

Translation rules

For the help with translations for Pro plugins, we like to compensate the translators.

The only way this can be done is with extending the license expiration date, so only users with valid licenses can get compensated with plugins translations.

  • Every 10 translated strings will be compensated by extending license by 1 day for the plugin you have helped translate. For a plugin that has 900 strings, you will get 3 extra months for the plugin license.
  • Once a new month start, the system will check for all translations you added in the previous month and will extend your license. This will be done only for plugins with an active license. There will be no compensation if you translate plugins for which you have no license.
  • It is not advisable to translate plugins you don’t use because if you translate strings without the context of the plugin, translations can be wrong and unusable for actual plugin users.

Here are few exceptions to the compensation system:

  • If you have an old Lifetime license for any of the plugins, we can’t compensate by extending the license time, since your license doesn’t expire.
  • If you have old Subscription type license, we can’t compensate by extending the license time, because we can’t change subscription terms.
  • If you got your license for free (gift, giveaway, linked license from other purchases), your license is not eligible for compensation.

If you have Lifetime or Subscription licenses, we can offer you discount coupons for future purchases based on the number of translated string, for up to 50%.

Free Plugins Translations

You can help translating free plugins too, but there is no compensation for these translations since the plugins are free.

Free plugins can be translated over at, or, you can send us the finished translation files.

Translations validation

If you can spend some more time on translations, you can request validator status.

Validators are very important because they will need to approve translations. Please, apply for validator position only if you are sure you can do it properly and if you have previous experience with plugins translations.

If you have questions about the translations, please use the contact form.