Premium Plugins Translations

Each Pro plugin and addon is set as a project under GlotPress powered translation website, and anyone with a Dev4Press account can contribute to translations.

Anyone with the Dev4Press account can help with the translations of the Dev4Press premium plugins and addons and help the whole community of users with translated plugins and expanding the number of available languages.

To most active translators and validators we can offer high-value exclusive discount coupons or extensions of the existing licenses as a reward for the hard work on the translations for our plugins and addons. If you maintain the translation for one or more languages for any plugin or addon, we will include your name and website URL on the plugin translation page.

If you want to help with a translation of plugins, and your language is not currently on the list, you can submit a request for adding a new language using this:

You can use the same form if you want to get a position of the validator. Translation website is:

Translations Validations

If you can spend some more time on translations, you can request validator status, and validate, fix and approve translations for your language.

Validators are very important because they will need to approve translations. Please, apply for validator position only if you are sure you can do it properly and if you have previous experience with plugins translations. If you have questions about the translations, please use the contact form.

Free Plugins Translations

You can help translating free plugins too, but the translations are handled through

Free plugins can be translated over at, or, you can send us the finished translation files. Each plugin on includes a link to the translation page for that plugin.