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Updated Plugin: coreSecurity Pro 2.0

Contact information:

Milan Petrović
Dev4Press Web Development

Release date:

June 26, 2024


Comprehensive security plugin with 30+ major features

Niš, Serbia, June 26, 2024. Dev4Press announced the release of the updated coreSecurity Pro plugin for WordPress, major version 2.0. Over the past seven months, coreSecurity Pro has grown and expanded with many new features, including brand new notifications, support for captcha protection, additional antispam features, a significant expansion to dictionary entries, API endpoints support…

Digest and Instant Notifications provide powerful methods for receiving emails with relevant security information, including file scanners, IP banning, vulnerabilities, security events, antispam activity, etc…

coresecurity email template 1
Version 2.0 brings various email notifications with a modern email dark/light template

Version 2.0 adds 3 new features for implementing Cloudflare Turnstile and the hCaptcha system for captcha, includes captchas in some Antispam features and protects WordPress login with captcha. Future plugin versions are planned to include Google reCaptcha and support for protecting more WP-related forms.

In the past six months, the plugin has been expanded with some very powerful features, including a Vulnerability scanner that can find a list of publicly reported vulnerabilities in WordPress, PHP, plugins, and themes; security header NEL (Network Error Logging); blackhole to capture bad bots; and bridge to integrate with other websites and exchange banned IPs. Antispam capabilities are expanded with new filters and rules; the dictionary is expanded with every new version, and more security tweaks are added.

A lot has been done with the plugin documentation. Now, it covers 60+ articles and user guides with full information about every plugin feature, plugin settings, panels, recommendations, setup guides, and more.

For more information about CoreActivity, a list of features, and related articles, please visit the plugin home page:

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Dev4Press Web Development is a development agency from Serbia, started and owned by Milan Petrović and established in 2009. Dev4Press is dedicated to WordPress plugin development, custom development, security and performance optimization, and support. It offers a wide range of free and premium plugins and addons for websites built on WordPress and bbPress-powered forums.

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