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Updated Plugin Release: SweepPress Pro 3.5 / Lite 2.0

Contact information:

Milan Petrović
Dev4Press Web Development

Release date:

March 10, 2023


A year-old plugin has received the latest feature-packed update.

Niš, Serbia, March 10, 2023. Dev4Press today announced the release of a new SweepPress Pro 3.5 and SweepPress Lite 2.0, the latest in the series of updates to the popular WordPress database cleanup plugin. Over the past year, SweepPress has gained many new features and expanded its number of sweepers (currently 33 for Pro and 30 for the plugin’s Lite edition), and this latest release also includes many updates and fixes.

New Sweeper for removal of Inactive Signups

Over the past year, SweepPress Pro has been expanded with several major new features: support for the GravityForms plugin with 3 new sweepers, Sweeper Monitor that sends daily and weekly notifications when the sweeping threshold is reached (number of records and size percentage for removal), Database Overview showing a list of all tables in the website database with detailed information about the space and with options for direct optimization, Log File for logging all the executed SQL queries during sweeping. SweepPress Pro and Lite both got a few more new sweepers, updated and improved interfaces, and various performance updates and improvements, and with each version, bugs were fixed.

Finally, SweepPress documentation has been expanded, and now includes a user guide, many new articles, references, and a few new FAQ entries. With all that, the goal is to provide more information and to better educate users to take the advantage of the plugin’s powerful features.
For more information about SweepPress Pro, its list of features, useful links, documentation, and more, please visit the plugin landing page: The official blog announcement for this latest release is available here:

About Dev4Press
Dev4Press Web Development is a development agency from Serbia, started and owned by Milan Petrović and established in 2009. Dev4Press is dedicated to WordPress plugin development, custom development, security and performance optimization, and support. It offers a wide range of free and premium plugins and addons for websites built on WordPress and bbPress-powered forums.

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