Month: July 2011

GD Press Tools 4.1 Alpha #3

This latest Alpha release is delayed more than I wanted too, but it is now here bringing many more changes (improved debugger, interface changes, code cleanup) and most importantly reworked Backup panel and brand new SEO panel (replacing old Meta panel).

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.1.3

Here is the latest maintenance release for GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin that includes several bugs fixed (including missing taxonomy columns from the page and other hierarchical post types editor grids) and few other minor changes and improvements. 

Teaser: GD Products Center Specifications Rendering

GD Products Center is an upcoming plugin, very much unique on the WordPress plugin market. Plugin can be used to build the products database for different product types, giving user great freedom in defining product properties with powerful rendering and theme integration.

Coming Soon: GD Products Center

GD Products Center is a new plugin that will get its first release in exactly 10 days from now. This time I will give you short history on how and why this plugin got made and what features are planned for the first release, and you will see couple of images from the plugin interface.

New Free Plugin: GD Unit Converter 1.0.0

GD Unit Converter is our new and free plugin that adds simple to use administration dashboard widget for converting values for currency, time, speed, length, temperature and more between different units. More categories and units for conversion will be added in future versions.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.1.2

Another quick update that adds two very interesting enhanced features for post types (both custom and default) to add menu items for quick link to scheduled and draft posts. Also, this version includes few minor features and updated jQuery UI library to version 1.8.14.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.1.1

New plugin version includes several improvements: more widget options and more rendering changes to widgets used functions, color custom fields for meta boxes with easy to use color picker control and several minor changes and fixes with more updates for WordPress 3.2.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 1.4 Lite

Pro version of the plugin is updated for WordPress 3.2 compatibility, and now the Lite is also. Lite also got few more post types features for rewriting improvements, code that generates registration data for post types and taxonomies got updated and few cosmetic changes added.

WordPress Benchmark: 3.0 vs 3.1 vs 3.2

With release of new WordPress 3.2, it’s very interesting to see benchmarked performance of last 3 major versions, and how far the new WordPress has come. This is first benchmark post with the results of the performance of the WordPress administration side. Second one coming in the next couple of days.

Review of WordPress 3.2

Brand new WordPress 3.2 is very important release, not so much because of the new features, but because it is a crossroads version that finally puts support for PHP4, mySQL 3/4 and MS IE6 (and IE7 will soon be gone) where they really belong: into history. Check your servers before upgrade!