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Month: April 2013

GD Products Center 1.2.2 Pro

New version GD Products Center Pro 1.2.2 contains many very important changes and new features. Rendering is much improved with more potential to override default functions, templates expanded and shortcode added for comparison table. WordPress 3.2 is no longer supported.

Plans for major changes to

For the next 10 weeks, Dev4Press will be under constant development to bring new look to the website (full redesign, faster loading), to improve on documentation and support (adding user guides, reference library), and to offer much more information about all products.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.5.1

New GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.5.1 brings several more bugs fixed (quotes and signatures), several minor updates and one new feature: selecting the profile fields group to use for BuddyPress to add signature editor to avoid displaying signature editor on every profile group editor.

On Smashing Magazine: Create A Tab Widget

‘How To Create A Tab Widget In WordPress’ is my new article published on Smashing Magazine for WordPress. Article covers practical side of creating the Tabber widget: widget that can turn a sidebar into a single widget that uses tabbed navigation to save sidebar space.