Month: January 2015

Development plans for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro in 2015

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 3.5 is now in development and it is planned for the first half of February 2015. But, I have made plans for this planning to cover the development for the whole 2015, and to reach 4.0 version in the Autumn.

GD bbPress Toolbox 3.4.2 Pro

New, minor 3.4.2 plugin version brings another round of small updates (JavaScript browser detection, few other things too) and very important fix related to problems with old IE 8 and IE 9 browsers and attachments upload.

GD bbPress Toolbox 3.4.1 Pro

New, minor 3.4.1 plugin version brings several important updates (capabilites used to run the plugin, some updates to BBCode Quotes and filter for getting attachments for a post) and several bugs fixed (saving settings and attachments validation).

GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro 1.1

Here is the first new version for GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro plugin that brings few bug fixes, new text and box shadows presets, new CSS styles to use in the Styler (clear and word-break) and options for font inclusion from Preview panel.

Switch from Smart Web Fonts Control to GD WebFonts Toolbox

GD WebFonts Toolbox is based on SMARTPlugin plugin Smart Web Fonts Control. A while back I have decided to retire Smart Web Fonts Control, and to switch it to Dev4Press. This post is for the users that previously purchased Smart Web Fonts Control and want to switch to new plugin.

New Plugin: GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro

GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro is a brand new premium plugin for WordPress on Dev4Press. It is easy to use and powerful plugin for integration of web fonts into your website with support for Google and Adobe web fonts, and local @font-face font packages, integrate with WordPress editor and more. Plugin supports Google Web Fonts (650+ […]