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Month: March 2015

Canonical Redirect: Problem and Solutions

You have noticed how WordPress can fix and redirect incorrect and incomplete URL’s to your blog, and how different way you can link content will always redirect to one based on permalinks settings? That is called canonical redirect, and it is part of WordPress since version 2.3.

News & Tips for WordPress

News & Tips for WordPress is the new website in the Dev4Press Network that will publish news, reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks related to WordPress (bbPress and BuddyPress too). Website is located on Dev4Press subdomain:

New Plugin: GD Swift Navigator Pro

GD Swift Navigator Pro is new WordPress plugin from Dev4Press, implementing additional navigation control floating in the corner of the page that can include any number of action buttons making website navigation easier for your visitors.

GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro 2.0

New major GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro 2.0 version brings integration with Adobe Typekit. Beside that, there are many updates to selector rules styler, updated Google Fonts list (698 fonts), tool to clear cache, several improvements and many bugs are fixed.

GD bbPress Toolbox 3.6 Pro

Brand new GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 3.6 brings another batch of new features: SEO Tools, control revisions display, current topic information widget, tool to close old topics, more admin side controls, improvements to widgets and many bugs fixed.