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Month: April 2015

WordPress XSS Vulnerability

This week was very busy in the world of WordPress: WordPress 4.2 was released yesterday, and massive potential security risk was discovered few days before exposing error in thousands of plugins to XSS vulnerability caused by lack of clarity in WordPress documentation.

GD bbPress Toolbox 3.7 Pro

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 3.7 is available few weeks ahead of the roadmap schedule, and in scope is a bit smaller than previous major releases. Still, it brings several new features, number of bugs fixed and many improvements and updates.

GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.4

Enhanced Posts Filter

New version GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.4 brings 2 new widgets: Featured Post and Enhanced Meta. And existing Enhanced Posts widget is expanded to support filtering by taxonomy terms (multiple taxonomies and terms include/exclude).

Coming Soon: xScape2 Theme Framework

After few delays, some development issues, brand new xScape2 theme framework will be ready for release later this month. All framework features are finalized and framework is in testing stages. Most important thing are new themes currently in development.

How WordPress URL rewriting works?

On of the most important features WordPress has is permalinks rewrite engine that can create all those pretty links we are so used to with no query elements like question marks or ampersand. Did you wonder how permalinks work and what can you do to customize them? Read on.