Month: May 2011

New framework concept: xScape Core

During the preparation for new and much improved xScape Theme Framework 1.7, I did some tests and made several changes to xScape to create ‘xScape Core’ that will be used to separate themes from framework using child themes approach built into WordPress.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.0

Major new version of the powerful GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugin is here. All most requested features are included: custom meta boxes and import/export of settings. Also, includes new interface, advanced capabilities manager, new enhanced features and more.

Coming Soon: xScape Theme Framework 1.7

I have planned to release next minor revision of xScape over the weekend, but some of the new features will require changes to all themes. To avoid doing that twice, I decided to postpone release of the new framework until next week when the new major 1.7 version will be out.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.0: Beta #1

Major 3.0 version of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro development is nearly done, and here is the first Beta version that includes (almost) all planned features including new and improved interface, advanced saving validation, custom fields and custom meta boxes.

Teaser: GD CPT Tools 3 Meta Boxes Editor

Most requested feature for GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools plugin is custom meta boxes support. 3.0 that will soon get first Beta version implement meta boxes editor that can be used with custom number of fields and applied to both default and custom post types.

GD Press Tools 4.0.9 Pro

This new version is most likely last version in the 4.0 cycle for GD Press Tools. Soon, development on 4.1 will start, but as always, if needed, emergency bug fixing versions for the 4.0 branch will be released. For now, read on to find out what changes GD Press Tools 4.0.9 brings.

Coming Soon: GD Press Tools 4.1

After several minor revisions, now its time again to get deep into a longer development cycle that will lead to another major revision for GD Press Tools. 4.1 development is starting soon, and read on to find out what will be included in that version and when to expect it.

Plugin: Gravity Forms

There are many free plugins you can use for adding all sorts of forms into your website, but none of them comes even close to the power and flexibility of Gravity Forms. Long list of features, great implementation, extensions and excellent support are worth paying for.

Teaser: GD CPT Tools 3 Improved Interface

One of the most important changes for new GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro 3.0 plugin is updated and improved interface. Work on that has already started, and you can see here an example of the editor for a post type. Taxonomies will use similar editor layout.

Service: Clicky Web Analytics

There are many services on the Internet for tracking website visits and overall analytics, some are free, some not. More than a year ago, I have decided to try Clicky Web Analytics based on a recommendation, and now, it’s the only analytics system I am using for all my websites.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.0: Alpha #1

Development of major 3.0 version of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro is under way, and the first round of changes is now available as an Alpha/Nightly build. With current added changes, plugin is stable, but still, don’t use it on production websites, it’s for testing only.

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 2.6.6 Pro / 1.3.5 Lite

Both Pro and Lite versions of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugin are now available. Both editions contain improvements for custom taxonomies, allowing for hierarchical rewrite rules registration and few other minor improvements, changes and fixes.