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Service: Clicky Web Analytics

Clicky: Site Analytics
Clicky: Site Analytics

There are many services on the Internet for tracking website visits and overall analytics, some are free, some not. More than a year ago, I have decided to try Clicky Web Analytics¬† based on a recommendation, and now, it’s the only analytics system I am using for all my websites.

For a long time I have been using Stats and Google Analytics (both free). But, both of them had so many things I didn’t like, and I never felt comfortable using them. I was searching for an alternative, and I didn’t care if the service is free or not, I needed something different and better. So, someone recommended Get Clicky Web Analytics, and after few days using free plan, I purchased Pro plan (tracking of 10 website).

Clicky: Spy
Clicky: Spy

Clicky uses slick and fast AJAX powered interface, and there are many elements to customize and show on the main website dashboard for each website you are tracking. As for the features Clicky has, some of them are available with Free plan (one site tracking), but for everything else you need paid plans. Statistics gathered by Clicky is quite extensive and detailed and it can be exported into file. You can create campaigns and goals to track, and much more that you might be using already with some other analytics services.

Detailed analytics include visitors log, traffic sources (it can distinguish links, direct, search, social, media, email and rss sources), platforms statistics (OS, browsers, screen resolution and hardware), locale (by country, city, hosts and more) and much, much more.

Another really cool feature is Spy. You can see real time visitors and their actions with geographic location on the world map (see image on the left). Spy is really detailed and useful tool, with listed countries, visitors, actions and adjustable filters or easier tracking of current users.

Clicky Web Analytics

Integration into website can be done using different types of tracking code, including asynchronous one that will give best loading performance and very small impact on the page loading. If you have WordPress website, there is a plugin that will integrate code automatically and also integrate parts of the analytics into WordPress for quick overview.

I highly recommend you try Clicky Free Plan and see all the great features in action, you will not be disappointed.

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