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Month: July 2015

Dev4Press Updater 3.0.1

Dev4Press Updater 3.0.1 is a first update for brand new 3.0 version, and it brings a number of fixes for bugs reported so far, small updates and cleanup of old translation files. New translation for German language is included.

Dev4Press Updater 3.0

Dev4Press Updater 3.0 is 100% rewritten to bring better integration with WordPress, make the interface simpler and more streamlined. New Updater supports new themes and will no longer update old xScape Theme Framework 1.x themes (they are retired now).

New Plugin: GD Knowledge Base Pro

GD Knowledge Base Pro is a new plugin on Dev4Press made for creating of versatile knowledge base websites that can include products, FAQ, articles and various classification methods, with live search and some bbPress forum integration.

Dev4Press Network v5

Dev4Press Network is now updated to new version (internally called v5). This is fifth time since 2009 that Dev4Press has been fully upgraded with new design, many improvements and this time with new plugins, new theme framework and new themes.