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Month: March 2016

Dev4Press Plugins and WordPress 4.5

WordPress 4.5 will be released in first half of April, and it is a great time to test all the plugins with current WordPress 4.5 Release Candidate. I have been testing Dev4Press plugin with the new version, and this will continue in the next week too.

GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.0.3

GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.0.3 is here with another batch of improvements and fixes with one small, new feature. Some issues were cosmetic mostly, but there are few critical fixes, so make sure to update as soon as possible.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.1

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.1 is a major new update that brings reorganized plugin settings, new BBCodes, a new widget, improvements to widgets and BBCodes, redirect visitors out of forums, many improvements and bug fixes.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0.3

The third minor release for GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is here with new several new fixes, very important updates (tweaks for database backup and change to plugin initialization) and some minor new features.

GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.0.2

Another day and another update for GD Security Toolbox Pro. Version 1.0.2 brings new fixes and minor improvements to the plugin. This updated deals with updates to digest notifications, security log, Project Honeypot integration and .htaccess addon.

GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.0.1

GD Security Toolbox Pro is updated to first minor release 1.0.1 with several small new features, updates and bug fixes. Most changes are related to Project Honeypot integration and DNS-based IP checkup, and later display of that data.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0.2

The second minor release for GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is here with new several new fixes (related to backup usability, issues with some of the tweaks) and some small improvements and changes.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0.1

Here is the first minor update for GD Press Tools Pro 5.0. Version 5.0.1 brings several important bug fixes, minor improvements, and few smaller new features that were not ready yet when 5.0 was released.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0: Phoenix

GD Press Tools Pro 5.0 is finally here. This is a first major rewrite for first Dev4Press premium plugin that celebrated the 7th birthday last month. New plugin uses addons based architecture, brings new interface and great new features.