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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.1

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.1 is a major new update that brings reorganized plugin settings, new BBCodes, a new widget, improvements to widgets and BBCodes, redirect visitors out of forums, many improvements and bug fixes.

New settings organization

One of the main issues with previous plugin versions is that each version was adding new features, and they all ended up controlled from the main Settings panel. And this panel grew out of control with 20+ pages of settings. On top of that, some settings were not placed in very logical places. This all was a problem for new users that have found settings overwhelming.

So, the best solution was to reorganize settings, group them better and create some smaller settings groups. As a result, plugin settings are now split into 5 panels: Modules, Views, BBCodes, Attachments and Settings. Without going into too many details, it is best that you check out the video explaining new organization.

New and Improved Widgets

The plugin has one new widget: Statistics. It is based on default bbPress statistics widget, but this new one is configurable with a better layout to display data and includes few new value, with more values coming in next versions. Posts widget is improved wit an option to show author avatar, and to filter out topics and replies current user can’t access: private and hidden forums, private topics and replies.

New and Improved BBCodes

The plugin adds two new BBCodes: highlight and heading. Highlight BBCode simply displays marked text with different background and text color, BBCode Heading adds header text into the content. Highlight allows you to set which colors to use by default through settings. Heading uses H3 by default, but you can specify size parameter to change to H1 through H6.

Attachment BBCode, when inserted from attachments upload, will now attempt to detect the ID of uploaded attachment on upload and change the attachment file name with the ID and avoid all the issues with WordPress changing the file name.

And more

Other new features include: FitVid support for responsive videos embedded using YouTube and Vimeo BBCodes, new actions and filters for developers, universal WordPress Help tab, improvements in styling for some elements, some plugin cleanup and other minor improvements. User stats area can show counts for thanks received and given for each user.

As for the bugs, there are few fixes in this version: some issues with BBCodes toolbar, minor problem with adding attachment into content, the problem with private topics and replies empty admin side columns (on topics and replies grids) and one warning, some misspelled words and few other things.

If you notice any problems with the plugin, stop by the support forums to report it. Let me know what you think about new version, and as always, suggestions are welcome. And don’t forget, over 80% of features in this version are requested by the plugin users.

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