GD Simple Widgets Pro and GD Affiliate Center Pro are no longer in development, and they will not be available for purchase any more. There are several things that led to the decision on retiring those plugins and dedicate development time to other Dev4Press plugins.

Most important reason for closing development for these two plugins is simple: they didn’t sell well at all, and they didn’t get much traction with users. Both plugins would require a lot of development time dedicated to update them and expand, and that is not viable at this time to do.

So, decision was made to make better use of development resources on the five Pro plugins. This way plugins that are already popular and have solid users base will get more new features, more documentation and guides. Both retired plugins will remain available for download for all users with Dev4Press Plugins Pack license, but there is no support available for them. Documentation and support topics that already exists will remain available. GD Simple Widgets Lite remains available as before, for free.

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