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Block Editor in WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0: Bebo – The future is Block

On December 6, 2018, WordPress 5.0 was released, bringing new Block “Love it or Hate it” Editor (previously known as Gutenberg) into the core after 2 years in active development. In this review, I will not go into all the …

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WP Rocket 3.0 - Front

WP Rocket 3.0: With brand new interface

WP Rocket 3.0 was released last week, bringing brand new interface with few other minor new updates and features. The new version introduces the concept of Add-ons, with more expected in the future.

Siteground Home Page

SiteGround Hosting Review, Part 1: Transfer and Performance

SiteGround is the best website hosting I have ever used, bar none. Dev4Press and few other websites are hosted on SiteGround Cloud server since January 2, 2016, and this review provides details about server performance and complete SiteGround experience so far.

Book: WordPress Mobile Web Development Beginners Guide

WordPress Mobile Web Development Beginners Guide book is published by Packt Publishing and written by Rachel McCollin. Book contains a lot of information on plugins and themes you need for website, setting up mobile specific media queries, layouts and more.

Book: WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook

WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook book is published by Packt Publishing and written by Yannick Lefebvre. Book contains 80 practical step-by-step problems with easy to follow solutions to most common problems developer can have when creating plugin for WordPress.