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No more Dev4Press themes for WordPress

This is one of the hardest decisions I had to make when it comes to Dev4Press: Dev4Press will no longer make or sell themes for WordPress. From now on, the primary focus is on WordPress premium plugins.

Development plans for 2016, First 4 Months

This year will be very exciting on the development plan for Dev4Press plugins. In the next 4 months, there will be one new plugin, major versions for several plugins and complete rewrites for 2 very popular Dev4Press plugins for WordPress.

Dev4Press plugins and themes with PHP7

PHP7 is upcoming major version of PHP and as it stands now, it should be released on November 12 2015. Current Release Candidate versions are stable enough for testing and it is time to get ready for the fastest version of PHP ever.

Dev4Press Network v5

Dev4Press Network is now updated to new version (internally called v5). This is fifth time since 2009 that Dev4Press has been fully upgraded with new design, many improvements and this time with new plugins, new theme framework and new themes.

Big changes on Dev4Press in May, June and July

For some time now, I am working on major changes that will soon land on the Dev4Press Network. That includes new plugins, new framework and new themes and full redesign of the Dev4Press and all the websites in its network. All that will happen in then next 2 months.

News & Tips for WordPress

News & Tips for WordPress is the new website in the Dev4Press Network that will publish news, reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks related to WordPress (bbPress and BuddyPress too). Website is located on Dev4Press subdomain:

Dev4Press Plugins and WordPress 4.1

WordPress 4.1 is released yesterday, and I have been testing all Dev4Press plugins to make sure everything is working with new WordPress. Currently, all Dev4Press Pro plugins are tested and working fine with WordPress 4.1.

Plugin prices adjustment from December 1, 2014

One year ago, new Dev4Press plugins price structure was introduced and so far it has proven a right move to make the change. Now, after a lot of data was gathered and analyzed, Dev4Press will continue using same system, but with updated prices for some products. Most of the prices will be lowered.

Retirement for Affiliates Program

Affiliates program in its current form will no longer accept new affiliates requests. Program will have in place is not working as expected, and until we find better way to handle it, Dev4Press will no longer offer affiliates program. All current affiliates accounts will still function as before.

Retirement for Some Plugins

GD aZon FUSION Pro, GD bbPress Widgets free plugin and GD Star Rating are no longer in development. GD Star Rating premium support is no longer available for purchase, and all existing licenses will remain active and available until they expire, and they can’t be extended.