Do-it-yourself Caching Methods with WordPress
Do-it-yourself Caching Methods with WordPress

‘Do it yourself Caching Methods with WordPress’ is my first article published on Smashing Magazine for WordPress. Article covers two different caching methods and includes practical examples with in line code, with full widget example showing different cache approaches.

I would like to thank Jeff Star (WordPress editor on Smashing Magazine) for contacting me to write the article, and helping me along. Jeff runs Perishable Press website with articles on security, WordPress, design, blogging and more.

‘Do it yourself Caching Methods with WordPress’ includes non-persistent and persistent (database based) cached methods with examples. Main examples combines both techniques into 2 widgets. You can download the example plugin with widgets in the article. To read the article, visit WP Smashing Magazine:

Do it yourself Caching Methods with WordPress
on Smashing Magazine
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  1. Good job Milan. Very informative and usefull.

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    1. MillaN says:

      Thanks Frank!

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