After spending last few days researching how plugins (and in some cases themes also) affect the performance of WordPress, and conducting various tests to determine, speed, memory usage and output size under different setups, I have decided to extend my first plans on what to benchmark in WordPress. So, here’s what’s coming…

All tests will be between WP 2.6.5, WP 2.7.1 and WP 2.8. Once WP 2.8.1 is released I will compare it to WP 2.8. Tests will be done on administration pages and on blog itself. First round of tests will test server side and how different factors affect each of the tested WP versions. After that I will try to determine how the browsers render different pages for different WordPress versions.

Here is the preliminary list of posts I plan to write:

  • WP Benchmark: Plugins #1 [ to be published: soon ]
  • WP Benchmark: Plugins #2 [ to be published: soon ]
  • WP Benchmark: JavaScript [ to be published: soon ]

Setup for all the tests is described in this post:

When I publish the post, I will update this list and add the URL. GD Star Rating tests will be published on plugin’s official website. If you have any more suggestions, leave the comment.

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