Another major version release for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro brings many more new features (new views with detailed settings to change slug and title, BBCodes and users list on admin side with topics and replies columns) and another set of bugs fixed (mostly related to quotes).

Users panel columns
Users panel columns

To help with management of users and see activity in forums, you can use two additional columns on the admin side user panel for topics and replies counts. Counts also link back to the topics and replies lists filtered by user. You can activate this from the GD bbPress Toolbox Settings panel (Integration options).

New BBCode is added for line break: BR. Major change is made to the views added by the plugin, you can set up title and slug (used in the URL for view) and new views are added for displaying posts added in the past one week or one month. Toolbar menu got some minor changes.

As for the bugs fixed, most of them are related to quotes: quote option wasn’t obeying the display rules, order of registration of quote hooks was breaking oEmbed integration, IE7 and IE8 had problems with quote code (trim and scroll), and when fancy editor was active, quote wasn’t working with HTML version of the editor. There was issue with views that had no results, they were leading to 404 page in some cases.

This release covers the plans I had for 1.2 version, and until work starts for 1.3 version, only minor bug fixing releases are expected. You can check out the plugin roadmap and if you have any issues with the plugin, please report them in the forum.

Official Website

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has own website:


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