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New Plugin: GD bbPress Tools 1.0.0

Here is a brand new free plugin to extend the bbPress 2.x plugin with additional interesting tools. First version of GD bbPress Tools features 2 tools with much more coming soon. Right now, list of plans has 6 more tools in various development stages to be included soon.

Right now plugin features two tools: toolbar menu integration and

GD bbPress Tools: Settings
GD bbPress Tools: Settings
GD bbPress Tools: Toolbar
GD bbPress Tools: Toolbar

Most tools in the plugin will allow user roles based settings as you can see on the image above. Toolbar menu option will add easy to use menu into WordPress toolbar with links to forums and views. Also, there are links to admin side new and edit links, settings and tools related to bbPress, including links for information.

Other tool included in 1.0.0 is to limit access to admin side menus and editors for forums, topics and replies. This code is based on the code by John James Jacoby from his ‘bbPress – No Admin’ plugin, but my version is more effective to prevent access, not only to hide menu items.

If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments or in the forum. All suggestions for new tools are welcome.

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GD bbPress Tools
Enhancing WordPress forums powered by bbPress

Expansions and tools for bbPress plugin powered forums, including WordPress toolbar menu, quotes, signatures, BBCodes, many useful tweaks, and tools.

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