New minor revision deals with some of the user tracking settings that affect ‘Since Last Visit’ topics view. Now you have option to change the expiration time for the basic tracking cookie, time for the current session cookie and this is used for better View results.

New options are located on the Advanced Settings panel. You can set expiration for basic tracking cookies (in days, default is 365). This cookie is updated with any action user makes on the website. Once user leaves, this cookie holds last action time. Same is saved in database for logged in users.

Once the user returns, new cookie is added called ‘current session’ cookie and it will have value of the previous last activity time. This session cookie expiration is in minutes and by default it is set to 30. When user visits ‘Since Last Visit’ topics view, plugin will use last activity detected by this cookie and correctly display new topics for a period of 30 minutes (or how long you set the session to last).

Let me know if you find any issues with the plugin, and report them in the support forum.

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has own website where you can check all plugin features in detail:


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