New 3.1 version brings more new features, some updates and one WordPress 3.9 related fix. New features are mostly attachments related (selection of available MIMI types for upload), but it includes new advanced options and override of plugin required templates.

This version fixes few things with the new TinyMCE 4 editor added with WordPress 3.9. Styling for the admin panels are a bit improved and few helpful options are added (check all/none and return to top).

This version adds few attachments related features. You can now select which MIME Types are allowed for upload. The list is based on the allowed MIME types in WordPress, and you can disable what you don’t want to use. And, if you want plugin can show notice in the attachment form element about which file extensions are allowed for upload. If you upload images to topics or replies, new option allows you to automatically set first of the uploaded images as featured image.

Add extra features to bbPress types
Add extra features to bbPress types

Since bbPress doesn’t register all features that are allowed for forums, topics and replies, there are few things you can add. You can do this now from the Advanced settings panel and there are 3 extra features you can enable: thumbnails, excerpt and custom fields meta boxes. Image on the right also shows some of the enhancements to the interface.

Finally, some of the templates plugin adds and uses can be overridden by the theme so you can customize each one. More about this you can find in the plugin online user guide.

As usual, if you find any issues with the new version, use the forums to report it, and include as much information as you can.

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has own website where you can check all plugin features in detail:


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