New plugin 3.3 version brings many interesting new features, few updates and fixes. Two more views are added and attachments module has validation for files and shows size and type for each file before upload. File type icons are also updated. Plugin also adds options to globally lock topic and reply forms.

Lock Topic Form Settings
Lock Topic Form Settings

Plugin has great new feature: Forums Locking. You can hide topic and reply forms prevent creation of new topics and replies. You can customize message shown when the form is hidden and you can set which user roles can still use topic/reply forms. And you can customize the template used for this even further.

Because of the bbPress content filters, when some user roles were trying to use Quotes, HTML was not properly transferred because it was using DIV elements. To fix this, plugin has new option that is on by default adding DIV into list of allowed tags. This should fix this important issue for everyone.

To improve attachments experience, plugin has several very interesting features added. They all work only with newer, modern browsers. IE 7, 8 and 9 are not supported. Only browsers with proper HTML5 support will be able to use this. If the browser doesn’t support handling of files, whole validation will not work for users with such outdated browsers. All modern browsers support this, and this includes most mobile devices browsers too.

When you select file you want to attach, plugin will show its size and file type. This will be than used to validate if the file is valid: size and type. If the file is not valid, form submit button will be disabled and form can’t be submitted with invalid files. To enable form again, simple remove invalid file or replace it with valid one. This will minimize upload of over-sized files, invalid file types and your users will have better experience with using the forum.

Attachments Validation
Attachments Validation

Two more views are added, both for currently logged in user: My topics with no replies and My most replied topics.Some styling for admin side updated and FontAwesome font icons font is updated to latest 4.1.0 version.

As usual, if you find any issues with the new version, use the forums to report it, and include as much information as you can.

Official Website

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has own website where you can check all plugin features in detail:


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