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GD bbPress Toolbox 3.4 Pro

Brand new, major 3.4 plugin version brings great many new features, improvements and fixes. Attachments upload has new enhanced interface, own BBCode, support for custom MIME Types. All Widgets have new interface and options, we have several new settings for bbPress control and more.

New Attachments Interface
New Attachments Interface

Major changes are once again made for Attachments. Previous version included validation of attached files before upload. But, attachments show preview for images and allow adding of attachment into topic/reply content via new attachment BBCode. Also, plugin settings have new panel for defining custom MIME Types and with that you can add new extensions that attachments upload can use. Any new valid MIME Type you add, will be available on panel for attachments MIME types selection.

Widgets are using new interface (developed for GD Clever Widget Pro plugin) and all have options to add before/after HTML. On top of that Views widget allows reordering of views. Views are integrated in WordPress NavMenu, so you can add them into your front end menus. Signatures now check user ability to use HTML tags to prevent use of SCRIPT or other potentially dangerous tags. You have new options to disable bbPress added ‘nofollow’ on some links and option to reverse replies on topic page.

If you are upgrading from our free bbPress plugin, there are no more issues with same function names and plugin also shows notice about this and it can disable these free plugins with a single click. As usual, if you find any issues with the new version, use the forums to report it, and include as much information as you can.

Official Website

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has own website where you can check all plugin features in detail:


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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro
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