GD Knowledge Base Pro 2.1 version continues with the changes from previous 2.0. It improves search, widgets, statistics, default queries, templates and styles. And it also fixes several bugs from previous version.

This version includes several very important core changes: default slugs for taxonomies are now shorter, search is vastly improved with new search related class and better control over products filter and search through forums and knowledge base, votes are now stored differently to allow for better voting statisctics and display of all votes on the admin side on article or FAQ edit page, improved categories widget and filtering of terms for it, templates and stylesheet improved, improved templates meta functions. As for the fixes: various templates issues, problem with products filtering in categories widget, some PHP warnings, problems with meta functions used in templates.

New plugin is already in use on Dev4Press support website and you can see how it looks there. Demo website is also updated.

If you notice any issue or problems with this plugin, use the forums to report them.

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