Our new plugin GD Rating System Pro is updated to version 1.0.5 and Lite version to 1.0.2. This is the second update for both editionsĀ and includes several fixes and improvements.

Due to the fact that both Pro and Lite versions have theĀ same name, some users of Pro plugin have received update notifications for new plugin version from WordPress.org, and ended up with Lite version replacing Pro version. To fix that, from now on Pro version will have higher version number from Lite version, and Pro version will prevent WordPress to check for updates. Also, if you use Dev4Press Updater, it will update correctly to Pro version if available. If you have issues, update to 1.0.5 manually or through Dev4Press Updater, and these problems should be gone from now on. Make sure to update plugin regularly.

This and previous minor version include new metabox to control override for Posts addon and embedding ratings into content. Also, changes are made to allow for some plugins and themes that add post types late. Other fixes include broken deletion of custom rules, problem with list of rules showing disabled methods or addons, loading conflict with GD bbPress Toolbox Pro and few more minor issues.

If you want to test GD Rating System Pro, you can request demo website where you can check out all the plugin features and decide if the Pro version is what you need. If not, you can download the free version, and evaluate it and maybe later decide on an upgrade. The free version can be download from WordPress plugins repository: GD Rating System on WordPress.org.

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