Month: January 2017

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.5.1

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.5.1 is a maintenance release, that fixes several bugs reported in the past week related to new topic reading tracking features, and some issues with multisite blog switching.

GD Rating System Pro 2.0.6

GD Rating System Pro 2.0.6 is a very important bug fixing release, focused on the rare case of database switching and problems with deletion of blogs in the multisite network environment.

GD Knowledge Base Pro 2.4.1

The new minor release of GD Knowledge Base Pro is the version 2.4.1, and it is released to fix a number of bugs reported in the past few weeks related to the handling of the articles attachment files.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.5

The new major release of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is here, and version 4.5 brings many new features, including tracking and marking of new, unread and topics with new replies for each forum user.

GD Clever Widgets Pro 2.0

GD Clever Widgets Pro 2.0 is a major update that includes 4 more widgets, improvements to various elements of the plugins, to old widgets, updated third party libraries, several bug fixes and more.

Exclude subcategories from RSS feed

WordPress WP_Query class is used to get posts for, basically, everything. And this class is very complex. It has a long list of supported query variables, filters, and actions to control the process. But, even with all that, there are some limitations in the way you can use it.