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GD Content Tools Pro 5.1: Harvey

After few minor releases, and few months in development and testing, brand new major version for GD Content Tools Pro is ready. Version 5.1 focuses on meta boxes and fields improvements and fixes with many more other new things

Code names for this plugin, are the characters from my favorite TV show Farscape, and this time, the character used is Harvey.

New WordPress 4.7 brings few updates to post types and taxonomies. These changes are now implemented in GD Content Tools Pro, and they include REST API support for custom taxonomies and new labels for custom post types. Tagger addon is improved with major updates to Dandelion and Alchemy API’s.

But, the main focus in this release is on the meta boxes and meta fields system. The image below shows the part of the new Code panel available for each meta box. This panel (link for each meta box on the Meta Boxes panel) shows PHP code examples for initializing the meta box in code, to loop through fields and values, or to display individual fields.

PHP Code Example for Metabox usage
PHP Code Example for Metabox usage

Example code is a starting point for writing your own metadata handling code, and you can easily expand it with your own layout and styling. The knowledge base contains articles about writing the code, so you can see the methods, properties and functions you can use and expand on. A lot of functions and classes used for meta boxes and fields are updated, expanded with new methods and settings. bbPress addon support is improved with new styles, updated theme template and few more things.

GD Content Tools Pro 5.1 includes many bug fixes: meta fields issues with some fields display, problems with meta boxes grid filtering, various admin side issues, broken import tools panel, some styling issues, missing translation strings and few core issues with some of the base classes and functions.

If you find any more issues, please use the forum to report them.

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