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New Products Licensing System

With the launch of new Dev4Press websites, one of the goal was to introduce new licensing model and new pricing for all our plugins and themes, to make it simpler to understand and decide on the license you need, and to remove much hated recurring payments.

Why licensing changes?

Previous system had 5 subscription based licenses and 2 lifetime based licenses. Add to that different prices for each plugin. Major problem with that system was the subscription (with recurring payments) component. Lifetime license is simple, pay once and that’s it, but it’s high price was a problem, so many users were buying subscription license, that was automatically recurring every year. And, very often these subscription get canceled if users change payment methods, sometimes they forget about the payment recurring, and request refunds after. In short, it was getting very frustrated to deal with the problems caused by the license payments. No wonder most other WordPress based businesses decided not to use such method.

So, the decision was made to change license system and adjust it to model that most WordPress users are used to: 3 basic licenses, each one valid for one year. If after one year user decides that he still needs to use the plugin and support for it, great, he will simply make a purchase for another year with a discount. If not, there is no need for cancellation or anything like that.

New licenses for Plugins

Dev4Press continues to offer 5 Pro plugins (two are now retired, read more here), but now they all have same pricing. Dev4Press Plugins Pack price is now equal to price of 2.5 individual plugins. Plugins (and plugins pack) have now 3 licenses: Personal, Business and Developer. All 3 include access to support forums, documentation, tutorials, downloads, plugin for direct updates (via Dev4Press Updater plugin) for a full year.

Personal License

This license is valid for use on 1 live website. It can’t be used on multisite installations. Price for a single plugin is $39.00 and for Plugins Pack is $99.00.

Business License

This license is valid for use on 5 live websites. It can’t be used on multisite installations. Price for a single plugin is $99.00 and for Plugins Pack is $249.00.

Developer License

This license is valid for use on 50 live websites. It can be used on multisite installations. Also includes access to tickets based Priority Support. For plugins that have extension modules, you get access to Basic modules for free. Price for a single plugin is $199.00 and for Plugins Pack is $499.00.

Support License for GD Star Rating

Support for GD Star Rating is changing, and there will be only one license with access to documentation and forum, valid for one year for $69.00.

New licenses for Themes

Themes licensing is now simpler, with only one license for single theme and one for themes club. I plan to add additional licenses for themes in the next 5-6 months following release of xScape Themes Framework 2.0. For now, only license is Standard.

Standard License

It is valid for 50 live website, and it can be used on multisite installations. You have access to documentation, tutorials and support forums. Automatic updates via plugin is also included. For a single theme, price is $49.00, for Theme Club Membership price is $149.00. Single theme license never expires, club membership license is valid for one year.

License Renewal

All licenses are valid for one year (single theme theme is lifetime license). That includes download, automatic updates, access to support forums, priority support (for developer licenses) and documentation. After that period expires, you can continue to use last plugin version you had, but you can’t get access to download or support and documentation resources.

One month before your license expires (and again 2 weeks and 1 week before expiration) you will receive an email reminding you that license will be expiring. These emails will contain renewal offer that will contain discount (depends on the product, 20-30%). This renewal offer is valid for a limited time, and you can use it to renew product up to two weeks after it expires. After that you can renew product, but discount coupon will no longer be valid. This system is automated, and there will be no way to extend discount validity, if you are late even one day, coupon will not be valid.

What happens to old licenses?

Well, as of today, you can purchase only new licenses, but all old purchases remain as they are. If you had subscription based license, it will still be recurring as it was supposed to. If you have lifetime license, nothing changes for you, your license will not expire.
If your subscription based license expires soon, and you want to switch to new license format, contact me so I can cancel old license and once it expires, you can purchase new one.

Please let me know what do you think about the changes, and if you have any questions regarding new licenses or status of old ones.

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About the author

Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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6 thoughts on “New Products Licensing System”

  1. Hi, millan, your new site is awesome. The new pricing is also very good and reasonable for your hard work. Hope to see new plugins and more updates to existing plugins.

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    • Thanks for the comment. New updates will continue to be released regularly, and I will announce more long terms plans next week.

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  2. I like your gd products center pro plugin , is it possible for you to add price comparison to prices page through API or web crawling like or because it will become a lot of pain to admin to add prices for each product for many sellers and updating the price whenever it changes.

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    • Plugin will get internal API for updates in the next few months, and it can be used to feed the changes to products. That can be used to make modules that sync prices from various websites.

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  3. Thanks for your reply.when will u release next update for this plugin.

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    • Minor release is coming next week.

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