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Plugin and Plugin Pack changes

The new version of the Dev4Press Network website brings some important changes to all plugins (including some updates to prices) and change of Plugin Pack into Plugin Club Membership.

New Buy Now page design
New Buy Now page design

Content Organization

To bring all the relevant information about each plugin to single location, new Plugins website for each plugin includes plugin features, system requirements, changelog, various articles (benchmark, translations, roadmap and more). Because of that, you no longer need to visit micro websites for each plugin, so all these micro websites are removed, and redirected to the now plugins website.

Design-wise, there are many changes and improvements, hopefully, you will like how the website looks like now. The image here shows the new Buy Now pages.

Plugins Pack name change

Dev4Press Plugins Pack now has a new name: Dev4Press Plugin Club Membership.

Plugins price changes

To find a better balance between license types (especially personal and business), the decision is made to have a lower price for the business license (now only twice of the personal license). So for the plugin with $30.00 Personal license, the old Business license was $75.00, and now the new price would be $60.00.

Plugins Club Membership price is lowered to only $120.00 for the Personal license, $240.00 for the Business license and $600.00 for the Developer license. As for individual plugins, most of them have the same Personal license price, and some plugins have got $5.00 higher or lower price. These changes should better reflect features and complexity of individual plugins.

This marks first change of plugin prices in over a year, and overall, Personal license prices remained on the same level, Business license prices are lower by 15% and Developer license prices remained on the same level.

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