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Dev4Press support forums new looks

Dev4Press Support Forums have been updated and now using our own GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress to replace the default bbPress templates and to finally have truly responsive forums with fresh looks.

Even with GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress being released 7 months ago, I had in my plans to install it on Dev4Press forums for a while now, but the problem was that Dev4Press Support forums are heavily customized to integrate with the Dev4Press licensing system and to make some visual changes for the main Dev4Press theme.

Dev4Press Support forums with GD Quantum Theme Pro plugin

For the most part, Dev4Press Forums are using unmodified GD Quantum Theme templates, but few templates had to be modified to include license-related information. Also, few templates have seen minor updates to include custom icons for the Dev4Press plugins and addons, with few additional styling changes for some areas. The rest is left exactly as it is in the Quantum.

Main reasons for the need to switch to Quantum is that bbPress Default theme is not fully responsive, and it does look rather outdated, considering it remained the same since bbPress 2.0 was released. Quantum is fully responsive, it supports all the other Dev4Press plugins for bbPress, it is customizable through the WordPress Customizer…

To learn more about GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress, check out the plugin official home page. Quantum is compatible with 99% of all WordPress themes, and it is tested in great detail with a lot of popular themes, and it includes some extra styling for some of the themes.

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GD Quantum Theme Pro
New theme for bbPress powered forums

Responsive and modern theme to fully replace default bbPress theme templates and styles, with multiple colour schemes and Customizer integration for more control.

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