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bbPress 2.5.x will no longer be supported

All Dev4Press plugins for bbPress were tested and updated, and in some instances, even had the additional code for the bbPress 2.5.x versions. But, that is now coming to an end, and Dev4Press plugins no longer support these old and outdated bbPress versions.

The last bbPress 2.5 version was bbPress 2.5.14, released way back in September 2017. bbPress 2.6 is a year old, and it already had 6 maintenance releases. Some changes and improvements make maintaining compatibility with bbPress 2.5 in plugins like GD Quantum Theme or GD bbPress Toolbox very hard.

Not to mention that bbPress itself doesn’t maintain any backward compatibility with older bbPress versions when it comes to templates – so some themes that do include bbPress templates can have trouble related to the templates changes. bbPress also maintains compatibility with the latest WordPress version only (at the time of the newest bbPress release).

So, from now on, any new release of any of the Dev4Press plugins for bbPress will require bbPress 2.6, and only the latest bbPress release will be supported and tested. Once the next major bbPress version is released (2.7, 2.8…), there will be a transition period when Dev4Press plugins for bbPress will support the previous major bbPress version for users to transition to new bbPress, and again, support for older bbPress will be dropped. Only the latest stable bbPress will be supported.

In the next few days, 4 of Dev4Press plugins for bbPress will receive major updates that will drop support for bbPress 2.5.x: GD Quantum Theme Pro, GD Forum Manager, GD Topic Polls Pro, and GD Topic Prefix Pro.

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