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Important update on COVID-19 virus

Coronavirus COVID-19 has affected the whole world, and we are all going to feel the effects of this virus for months to come, and we all have to make changes to our daily lives.

First and most important, we hope that you and your family are all well and that you have taken all precautions to protect yourselves against the infection. The quarantine measures are in effect in most countries of the world, and almost every country is affected by the virus.

The great thing about our industry is that most of us are already relying on the remote work, and making the transition to full remote work is not a big issue, and this social distancing state is not going to affect the internet and development industries as much as some other jobs will be affected.

Because of that, we have taken extra measures to make sure that the Dev4Press website and all our services continue to work uninterrupted during the crisis period, that we continue to provide support without any changes. If there are any changes to the support response time or any other problem, it will be announced as soon as possible, but for now, no interruptions or problems are expected.

Best regards from the Dev4Press team.

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