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Updated Development Policy

With the release of PHP 8.0, and the upcoming WordPress 5.6, with the end of the year coming soon, it is the right time to make updates to Development Policy and finally remove support for some very outdated technologies.

Check out the current and updated Development Policy now in effect for all upcoming Dev4Press plugin releases and updates.

The gist of the update is changed to the PHP policy: PHP 5.6 is no longer supported (while most plugins will continue to work with it, PHP 5.6 will not be used for testing), and PHP 8.0 is still not supported, because WordPress 5.6 will be a first version to work with PHP 8, and only after that, we can properly test all plugins with PHP 8.0. But, all the current tests done for Dev4Press plugins are promising, and it looks like Dev4Press plugins will be up to date with PHP 8.0 when used with WordPress 5.6.

Change to WordPress policy will be updated again next week once the WordPress 5.6 is released, and it will be a goodbye to WordPress 4.9 as far as Dev4Press plugins are concerned, and WordPress 5.0 will be the minimal version to test with. bbPress policy has been updated and now official, and bbPress 2.5 is no longer supported.

Anyway, this policy will continue to get regular updates and the next major update to the policy is not expected before the end of 2021.

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Milan Petrovic

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