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Milan Petrovic

CoreSocial Pro 1.3

A new update for the CoreSocial Pro plugin has been released, bringing many updates and several new features, including expanded help-related information, plugin settings reorganization, direct support for bbPress integration, and a few more.

New plugin: CoreActivity 1.0 Beta

CoreActivity is a new plugin in the ‘Core’ line of plugins for WordPress, and it is available for free. The plugin can be downloaded from Dev4Press and GitHub for now, and soon it will be available on

DebugPress 3.1 / 3.2

In the past few weeks, two minor updates for DebugPress have been released, and both bring some very important new features and changes, and both also fix some issues discovered in the past few weeks.

SweepPress Pro 3.8

This is a smaller scope release that brings some improvements to the Database and CRON panels, includes a brand new shared library (version 4.2), and some additional updates and fixes.

20 Years of WordPress

WordPress 0.7 was the first official version of WordPress, released on May 27, 2003. Yeah, we are celebrating 20 years of WordPress. Twenty Years. Incredible. Happy Birthday, WordPress, and we wish you many more! Writing about WordPress and its 20 …

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 7.1

After a massive release that was version 7.0, and many smaller updates released since, the time has come for the next major update – version 7.1, which is now scheduled for release on Maj 25, 2023 – two days before the plugin’s eleventh birthday.