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coreSocial Pro 3.2

A new major update for coreSocial Pro, version 3.2, brings a new internal share network to copy the current URL. There are many minor updates and improvements, and the plugin also uses a new version of the shared library.

plugins release coresocial pro 3 1 lite 1 0

coreSocial Pro 3.1 & Lite 1.0

A new update to coreSocial Pro, version 3.1, brings minor changes and improvements. But, more importantly, a free version of the plugin, coreSocial Lite 1.0, is available via the repository.

coresocial profiles 3

coreSocial Pro 3.0

It has been a while since the last major update, and coreSocial Pro version 3.0 is now ready. It includes many changes, improvements, new features, an updated shared library, and various fixes.

CoreSocial Pro 2.0

A major plugin update, version 2.0, is now available, bringing many new features, including online counts for some networks, new supported networks, print support, many improvements and updates, and many bug fixes.

CoreSocial Pro 1.4

A new minor update for the CoreSocial Pro brings various updates and improvements, including support for adding a profile for the new social network Threads by Instagram. This version also includes several bug fixes.

CoreSocial Pro 1.3

A new update for the CoreSocial Pro plugin has been released, bringing many updates and several new features, including expanded help-related information, plugin settings reorganization, direct support for bbPress integration, and a few more.

New plugin: CoreSocial Pro 1.0

CoreSocial is a brand-new plugin that has been in development for over 6 years, and it was used as an internal plugin only. Finally, the plugin has been expanded and is ready for prime time.