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Working on next GD Knowledge Base Pro version

I have began working on the new version fo GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin, continuing the work on modernizing code base, implementing some new features, and improving the presentation side of things (both templates and styling).

At this moment I can’t say what version of the plugin this would be. It is under working version 4.4, and I have set one week for the work on the plugin. In the same time, the changes would be tested and developed along with the Dev4Press Support website redesign. There is no strict list of the features that will be included with the new version, but I am working with the long list of idea and requests.

Genesis News Pro theme: product reference archive

Some of the sure things are:

  • No more support for PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0 will be minimum supported version.
  • WordPress 5.1 will be lowest supported version, and older WordPress versions will not be supported.
  • Improved code base, with more of the old code converted to new format and style.
  • Improved content types registration process.
  • Improved default styling with introduction of CSS variables for basic styling elements. Overall styling will be improved and modernized.

This is what is going to be bare minimum for the new version, and the rest depends on the free time to do it without taking too much time.

On the topic of Blocks, a lot of users asked about them. Plugin right now has 20+ shortcodes and 10+ widgets. And yes, the goal is to replace all of them with blocks, but that is going to take much more time, it will be done in stages. I can’t say if there will be any blocks in this new version, we’ll see.

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