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Coming Soon: BreadcrumbsPress Pro 4.0

The brand new version of the BreadcrumbsPress plugin is coming out soon, and it will get a major 4.0 version number and will include blocks for the block editor, improved styling and rendering, and much more.

It was a while since the last version of this plugin was released, and now it will get a huge update that will bring a full overhaul of the styling and rendering (now using flex for better positioning and resizing), CSS variables for styling modifications, and various improvements to the rendering process. And, the plugin will get blocks for single breadcrumbs sequence and multi breadcrumbs.

New blocks will be increasingly important for the new block editor experience, and it allows you to directly use breadcrumbs when working with new full site editing too – to position and style breadcrumbs without using custom code. The plugin has support for the GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin and its special content rules for URLs and permalinks, has improvements and fixes for breadcrumbs building, the main breadcrumbs query system, and more.

BreadcrumbsPress Pro 4.0 is expected to be released in the first half of this month, along with the Breadcrumbs Lite 2.0.

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BreadcrumbsPress Pro
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Breadcrumbs based navigation, fully responsive and customizable, supporting post types, all types of archives, 404 pages, search results, and third-party plugins.

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