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Getting ready for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 7.0

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 7.0 is coming soon, but some delays will push the release date to October 10, 2022. As it stands now, I fully expect the 7.0 to be released on that date. Before that, there will be a Beta version coming next week.

So, the plugin is mostly completed, and as it stands now, I still need to recheck some of the features and finish additional testing for the new Booster feature. The final interface-related work was completed yesterday, and it was related to the main Features panel to add the ways to filter and search for the features based on the keyword.

Improved Features panel with filter and search

As seen in this image, you can filter the features based on their activity and use the keyword to search for the feature name and description. If the keyword is found in either name or description, that will be highlighted in the feature box, and only features matching filter and search keyword are visible.

The new version will have partial rewrites for many features, bug fixes, improvements, styling changes, and tweaks. If everything goes as planned, the Beta #1 version will be released on September 30, 2022. If needed, one more Beta will follow, and a stable release should be available on October 10, 2022.

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