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Year in Review: Dev4Press in 2017

With only 2 days remaining in 2017, it is a great time to look back and summarize this passing year, celebrate a Dev4Press birthday and take a look at what to expect in 2018.

First thing first, Dev4Press is 8 years old. We started with the release of the first Pro plugin – GD Press Tools Pro on December 15, 2009. Since then, a lot of things have changed, and Dev4Press had ups and downs, some great plugins and few failed projects. And as always, I am doing my best to make the next year better than this one, and further grow the Dev4Press and make great plugins for all our users.

In 2016, Dev4Press stopped developing themes to focus on plugins only, and that has proven to be a great decision because that plugin-only focus helped to grow some of the plugins considerably. GD Knowledge Base Pro 3.0 (and 3.1) was released with the long list of new features. Very popular GD bbPress Toolbox has seen several major versions, including 5.0 released last month. GD Rating System Pro is expanded with several premium addons and has reached 3.0 version a few days ago and celebrated the 2nd birthday. All other plugins have got at least one major release this year. All plugins and addons have seen almost 170 releases this year, on average, we have published one release every two days.

But, I have also had to retire one plugin: GD Products Center Pro. It was a very hard decision, but it had to be done. You can read more about that here. Hopefully, in the future, this great plugin idea might be ready for another try with a new plugin.

I am looking forward to 2018. I have a lot of things planned already, and that will include increased development time for GD Rating System Pro, a completely new project in the form of the website (more on that will be available in few months), continued development for all our bbPress related plugins. All plugins are planned to get at least two major versions in 2018. I am also working on new partnerships, to bring our plugins to more users and to try and beat the 2017 users growth in 2018.

For now, that’s it, I am going to celebrate New Year for a few days with my family, but I am gettings back on the first day of 2018 with some great updates to Dev4Press website and some gifts for all Dev4Press loyal users. From Dev4Press, I am wishing you a Happy New Year, cheers!

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