Version 4.0.5 is a very important minor revision for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro that fixes a critical issue caused by the new WordPress 4.4 and change with shortcodes parsing that affects BBCodes and Quotes feature.

WordPress 4.4 introduces very important and critical change in the way it parses shortcodes. Because of this change, some of the BBCodes in GD bbPress Toolbox Pro have stopped working. And with that Quote feature using BBCode is broken. Before WordPress 4.4, shortcodes supported shorthand format used with BBCodes in other forum software. So, you could write this, and this is shorthand version of the code:

[quote=12345]This is a quote[/quote]

And this is the same as writing:

[quote quote=12345]This is a quote[/quote]

So, the shortcode name serves as the name of the first attribute for the shortcode. Due to the latest changes, shorthand shortcode is no longer recognized by WordPress. This affected 14 BBCodes in GD bbPress Toolbox Pro and only if they are using short way of writing the shortcode. During the tests with WordPress 4.4 Beta/RC in the past 2-3 weeks, this was not the problem. So, the change that broke this was introduced very recently, prior to the release of 4.4 as stable. In any case, we can’t use the shorthand way of writing BBCodes.

So, new plugin version removes all traces of the shorthand display for BBCodes (but this will still work fine with WordPress before 4.4). But, this doesn’t fix the important issue of old topics and replies using the old BBCodes shorthand way for some BBCodes. So, we need to fix the old content and replace it with the standard format. That is why plugin has a new tool for updating content. Once you update the plugin, open plugins Tools menu, and there you will see the new panel ‘WordPress 4.4 Update’. This panel explains the need for the update and shows the list of 14 SQL queries for changing old content to use standard BBCodes format. You can manually run these SQL queries if you want (phpMyAdmin or some other database tool), or you can use the plugin to do it immediately. Once the plugin does this, it will disable and hide this tool. Make sure you backup your database before proceeding!

Also, make sure you clear website, CDN and browser cache to make sure new JavaScript files are loaded.

If you find any more issues with this plugin, or you need hep using it, please use the support forum.

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  1. Master says:

    I cannot see that new panel ‘WordPress 4.4 Update’. What should I do?

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    1. MillaN says:

      This update panel is in plugins own Tools panel.

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  2. MillaN says:

    Version 4.0.6 is released with additional fix for the BBCodes in signature.

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