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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.4.5

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.4.4 should be the last minor update before the work on major 4.5 update starts on the first day of the new 2017 year. This version fixes some BBCode related issues reported this past week.

BBCodes functionality has content filters to remove Advanced BBCodes that were not allowed for use to regular users. This had few bugs that are now fixed: uppercase BBCodes were ignored during the removal, and removal was working only when new topic/reply was created, it was not working when the topic/reply was edited. Few more issues with the limiting BBCodes are also fixed. BBCode for WEBSHOT (screenshot image of any URL, powered by webshot service), was always using HTTP URL, now it will check for SSL and use HTTPS when the website uses HTTPS.

BBCodes Toolbar
BBCodes Toolbar

As for the BBCodes Toolbar, new options is added (and activate by default) to not display buttons for BBCodes that are not allowed for the current user, or disabled in the plugin settings.

New translation for fa_IR (Persian/Farsi) is included in the plugin.

Important! In version 4.4, plugin got a feature allowing moderators to access some of the plugin admin panels. But, with the changes in WordPress 4.7, these features don’t work as expected anymore, and they are disabled with this minor update until the solution is found. The problem is caused by the way the user is initialized in WordPress and the way bbPress adds and uses capabilities. I expect that this feature will be available once more in version 4.5.

If you notice any more problems with the plugin, stop by the support forums to report it.

Update, version 4.4.5

Due to the human error, one piece of code was not tested properly with some PHP versions, causing a fatal error. The new version is released to fix that problem. If you had a problem with 4.4.4 update, disable it, and update to 4.4.5.

I am sorry for any problems this might have caused.

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