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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.4

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.4 is a major new update with many new features, continuing the development driven by users features requests for enhancing attachments, topic/reply reports, settings and more.


Version 4.4 brings updates to attachments, report topics/replies, moderators capabilities, improvements to various plugin features, some extra settings and improvements to settings panels. Plugin also has a new icon for use in the admin side main menu.

Attachments edit panel
Attachments edit panel


Attachments module has been significantly updated. You have the option to enable adding of DOWNLOAD attribute to file links so that browsers that support it will start the file download on click. The new option is added to control ‘Insert into content’ button. The new option is added to disable upload limits to selected user roles. Error messages for file upload validation are improved. Some settings are reorganized.

There is a new method for deleting attachments from topic/reply edit panel. This is displayed on the image on the right, and it presents the more natural way to deal with this. You have a new option to switch to this method of deletion if you want.

There are some styling improvements and other updates in the attachments handling.

Other features

Report topic/reply has a new option to enable/disable scroll of the page to the open report form. And, you can enable display of reported topic/reply status on the front end. The plugin has new settings for allowing moderators to access some of the plugin panels. You can enable these capabilities from the Advanced/Additional settings panel. And there are few more new options: allow only topic authors to modify topic through replies, select roles that will be able to see front forum statistics block.

JavaScript in the plugin is no longer packed, only minified. Validation in some areas is improved. There are few bug fixes too related to validation, attachments add more attachments button and problem with translations used for JavaScript code. Widget and view for searching topics are removed. bbPress has an own widget for the search that works much better, and there is no need for the widget GD bbPress Toolbox Pro had.

If you notice any problems with the plugin, stop by the support forums to report it. Let me know what you think about the new version, and as always, suggestions are welcome. And don’t forget, most of the features in this version are requested by the plugin users.

Next 4.5 version

Some features planned for version 4.4 had to be postponed to avoid delaying the release of the plugin. Right now I have several major new features planned for the next major version, but, I can’t list all the planned features just yet. As it stands right now, version 4.5 will be released in December 2016 or January 2017.

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