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GD Content Tools Pro 5.0.5

This past week two GD Content Tools Pro updates were released, 5.0.4 and 5.0.5. Both are fixing several important bugs and include few improvements essential to meta fields and boxes, date picker control, and integration.

NavMenu Post Type Archives
NavMenu Post Type Archives

Version 5.0.5 includes a new feature that was missed on the initial launch of 5.0: post types archives for navigation menus. It was mirrored from the old plugin to maintain compatibility of items already in the menus. Other than that, new metabox works just like the old one. This option is active for all post types with archives enabled.

Air Datepicker control we use in the plugin was causing conflict with other date picker controls due to the same name, so the new version is improved further and uses a different unique name to avoid issues with other similar controls. Meta fields and boxes system have seen several improvements and fixes. This includes improved data processing on save, boolean field no longer has a default value (it was causing problems with the display of false logic). Fixes include problems with Select and Boolean fields saving and validation.

Other changes include some styling improvements for bbPress integration, fixed warning during the Cron job execution due to the missing file and few fixes related to custom taxonomies.

If you notice any more issues, please report them in the support forum.

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